Amazon Flex Service Will Soon Arrive In Birmingham

Amazon has a number of shipping options where you can receive your package in two days, one day or even a few hours. But the company is planning to have the orders delivered to its customers in half an hour. How? Amazon has people that make deliveries but with the Amazon Flex service, anyone who has time to deliver packages can sign up to make extra money.

The Amazon Flex service will begin testing in Birmingham and will then be available in other cities. The service began last year in Seattle and is already available in many other cities in the United States.

Big Plans

The applications for drivers who are interested in delivering packages are already available. The only requirements are to have an Android smartphone, a car and free time.

This isn’t the only plan from Amazon to get orders delivered in just minutes. The company has already shown a video on how its drones will deliver packages in the future. This technology will not only deliver the orders in 30 minutes or less, but will also save the company some money. Drones are already being used by people but their commercial use still needs to be approved.

Amazon BoxesAmazon Flex

Amazon Flex drivers will be able to make between £13-£15 ($19.84) per hour to make deliveries. The service will begin in Birmingham this month and will later be available in the rest of the country. Amazon already has the super fast one hour delivery service in many countries but this would make it even faster. The drivers interested will be delivering packages from the Prime Now service, which made its debut in Madrid and nearby cities today. Applications have opened and Birmingham drivers only need an Android phone, car and some free time to make Amazon deliveries.

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