Thousands of Hoverboards Recalled In US

Hoverboards are popular around the world because they are a fun way of personal transportation. But in the last few months, they have been removed from retailers and faced bans in some cities. This after a number of incidents, where they have caught fire and led to burn injuries or property damage.

Now, a major recall is happening in the United States. The hoverboards included in this recall are from six brands. More than half a million units are being recalled because the Consumer Product Safety Commission said there are at least 99 incidents where the battery packs of these hoverboards overheated.

Some of the incidents led to burn injuries and property damage. In the last few days, hoverboard incidents have been reported in Florida and Chicago. The recall list includes: 267,000 Swagway X1, 84,000 iMotos, 70,000 Powerboards, 28,000 Hovertraxs, 25,000 Hype Roams and 16,000 Hover-Ways units.

The owners of the hoverboards being recalled are being told to contact the companies for a full refund or return so they can fix it. The hoverboards have been sold in many department stores and shops.

The incidents with the hoverboards also led to recalls and warnings about the product last year. More than 15,000 self-balancing scooters were seized by U.K. officials due to safety concerns in December. The hoverboards were said to be overheating and leading to house fires and burn injuries.

In January, Amazon removed hoverboards from its site after reports of the incidents. The online retailer offered full refunds and stopped selling the product. Amazon later allowed some brands to sell them again.

The hoverboard craze began just months ago but their use is being limited in many areas. Some universities have banned or limited hoverboards on their campuses. They are also illegal on some streets and those caught using them could face fines.

The incidents reported last year and the ones happening recently have not stopped companies from releasing newer and improved versions of their hoverboards. The recall is just for half a million units and a few brands, but if you own one of the hoverboards being recalled, contact the company for a full refund.