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MLB Perfect Inning 2018 – Best Tips & Cheats

Baseball, America’s great pastime, now has made it onto everyone’s smartphone. With MLB Perfect Inning 2016 from Gamevil, you get to play as both manager and player for your favorite team and lead them to a world series win. Here, we will reveal five tips and tricks to get you from little league to major league in no time.

Tip One: Be Pitch Perfect

Changing the pitch destination and angle is your best method to keep a lead, or prevent a loss.
Changing the pitch destination and angle is your best method to keep a lead, or prevent a loss.

It will come to no suprise to any player that in terms of baseball, pitching is particularly important. This is also true With MLB Perfect Inning, where a perfectly executed pitch essentially ensures a strike, while a bad pitch can result in a ball or worse, a home run for the other team. Also be sure to vary the target zone of your pitch even if you are consistently throwing perfect. A cycle of high and inside, low center, and low and outside are your best bets to avoid being scored against. Using a diverse pitching method keeps everything fresh and therefore more reliable. Lastly, if you do find yourself consistently pitching more towards the inside, be prepared to handle bunts, as they will be much more common for you than the average player.

Tip Two: Autocontact is Your Friend

Autocontact is your best friend when at the plate. Be sure to wait for just the perfect moment to swing.
Autocontact is your best friend when at the plate. Be sure to wait for just the perfect moment to swing.

Autocontact is an exceptionally handy feature that will allow for more accurate swings when you are up to bat. It allows for a swing to be activated by just a tap which will allow for a better hit overall, and requires you more to focus on the opponents pitch as opposed to your swing technique. There is one small hint to when you should swing, though. If you wait until the shadow of the ball is on your bat and then swing at that exact moment, you are almost assured solid contact. This is also a good idea when opting for a bunt when the pitch is low and inside.

Tip Three: Log in Daily

Like many mobile games, there’s a reward system for daily log ins that grow per each day. Though a the rewards are very small initially, by the 5th day the associated rewards are substantial. This also helps you immensely in the fact that resources are hard to come by without paying for them inside the game, so every little bit counts especially when having to store and trade players.

Tip Four: Be Careful With Bids

While bidding may be very tempting as you start playing MLB Perfect Inning, it’s best advised to not worry about such things until you have a significant amount of resources on hand. In fact, if you can go through an entire series without a bid, by the time of completion you should have enough resources in your inventory to have a decent roster for head to head matches as well as subsequent seasons. As a general rule, it’s better to bid on only one player at a time to ensure you get the players you want.

Tip Five: Avoid “Hack Machines” and APK’s

Those who are strapped for either time or cash may be tempted to try programs that claim to directly inject stars into your account by simply downloading a program or entering your information on a third party site. This is not a good idea, as typically these programs either fill your phone with malware or use your information to their advantage. Furthermore, most mobile games including MLB Perfect Inning regularly check their own servers for very inconsistent patterns and could ban users who knowingly hack their way into stars. All things considered, between the risks of hacking and the high price of the microtransactions (the highest purchase price of stars in nearly $400), it’s perhaps the best option to invest time instead risking being banned or shelling out money for stars.

This concludes our tips and tricks for MLB Perfect Inning 16. If you enjoy this game, you may want to also look into Topps Bunt and MLB Manager, which both include plenty of features that are shared with MLB Perfect Innin 16. Best of luck to you on your quest to winning the world series.

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