Natural Alternatives to Premarin Cream

Possibly one of the most embarrassing things for many women to go to the doctor to ask for is Premarin Cream. Down there simply isn’t an area we want to talk about to either our Gynecologist or other health care professional. And there is also the part about talking about our menopause, and facing it if is happening. It is no wonder that many American women put off this conversation for as long as possible.

However, although of course going to your doctor is always the best route to take for your health, there are a range of natural alternatives that can help you treat yourself without having to have these kinds of conversations, or at least, help to delay it until such a time as you are ready to talk about it.

Do not substitute this for actual advice from an expert as many cases require treatment that CAN NOT be remedied with natural options.  These natural options may only be helpful in addition to treatments, again consult with a medical professional before self treating or self diagnosing. 

Using edible oils



One natural way to help to solve vaginal dryness without having to use Premarin Cream is to use edible oils down there.

Of course, you have to make sure that you are not allergic to the oil in the first place, so it is recommended to apply a small bit to your arm twice daily for a week before you start putting the oil anywhere else.

Oils that are perfect for this include Almond, Olive Oil and Coconut oil.

One great thing about using the oil method, as opposed to a store brought lube, is that you are helping to treat yourself in a natural way, using only plant and earth based substances. This also stops you from having to support large, eco-unfriendly companies with your purse.

Manage your diet

Just like the rest of the body, your reproductive organs are very much influenced by your diet, and making a few smart choices in what you put into your body will be able to help you to naturally solve your vaginal dryness problem without having to resort to using unnatural Premarin Cream.

Vaginal fluid is actually made out of a mixture of sodium, potassium, and calcium, so these are vital things to increase into your diet where possible.

One really great healthy source of potassium is the humble banana, and simply eating one a day will put your body on track to naturally curing your dryness problems.

For calcium, although you can take a supplement to help increase these levels, the best method is to introduce it into your diet with milk. However, not everything is lost if, for personal or health reasons, you can not consume dairy products. Soy beans, most tofu, and soya milk are all great, environment friendly ways to introduce your needed calcium into your diet.

For sodium, you want to look into natural sources as opposed to table salt. Sweet Potatoes are a great choice here, and simply replacing your potato based dishes with this delicious treat will be enough to ensure that you are getting your needed levels of healthy sodium.


Two people running on promenade
Two people running on promenade

Another great and all natural way to help to solve the problems of vaginal dryness is to start to take place in regular, high-energy exercise.

To secrete lubrication, your vagina needs to have healthy blood flowing to it. By doing a fast-paced workout, you are helping to improve your overall cardio health, meaning that your blood will flow to all areas of your body better.

The other great way in which exercise will help you to ditch the Premarin Cream is by allowing your body to produce hormones. These natural hormones will interact with your ovaries, telling them to provide more secretions down there, helping to lubricate your vagina.

One thing to think about, if it is hard to motivate yourself to exercise regularly, is all of the benefits that exercising will offer as well as improving your vaginal dryness problems. If the cause of your dryness is because of the menopause, then doing regular cardio will help you stay healthier for much longer, allowing you to lead a full life in your later years.

Look after your day to day routines

Sometimes, you also have to look at things you need to stop doing to help naturally solve your vaginal dryness problem without using Premarin cream.

You might need to consider how you typically bathe. Many bubble baths, especially scented ones, will cause your vagina to dry out preventing your body from providing the natural lubrication that it needs.

Instead of a bubble bath, you should consider simply using a natural soap within your routine to clean yourself. It might also be best to start replacing your baths with showers, so you can be sure that you are not sitting in any water that contains chemicals that could actually be causing your vaginal dryness problems.

You might also want to consider changing your laundry detergent. Many of them can actually irritate your vagina, causing it to be less effective in providing natural lubrication. One thing to consider is to wash your underwear by hand, using only natural soap solutions, to ensure that it is not your detergent which is contributing to the problem.

Smoking and drinking are also big no-nos if you are looking for ways to reduce the need for Premarin Cream. Both of these habits can constrict your blood flow, preventing your ovaries from getting the blood flow that they need to provide your vagina with everything it needs.

Soy based products


As well as being a great source of calcium, there has been new evidence that suggests eating soy based products, such as tofu, can help to naturally cure vaginal dryness.

Some people are put off eating Tofu because they see it as something for only vegetarians and vegans, but Tofu is was originally used to act as an addition to meat based dishes (and in some parts of the world, is even still used for this purpose).

It is really easy to make Tofu delicious to eat, whatever you decide to pair it with. Simply dry out any store brought tofu by keeping it in your fridge on some tissue paper for an hour or two. Then, take the block and cut it up into either small slices or chunks (depending on your dish or preferences). Simply fry on a pan with a low fat spread, and you have an amazing treat (which is also a great breakfast food).

Black cohosh


One amazing herbal cure for vaginal dryness is black cohosh. This supplement was actually used by Native Americans to help women to solve the problems of menopause.

As well as helping to naturally reduce your vaginal dryness without having to use Premarin Cream, black cohosh can also help to elevate all of the other symptoms of menopause, including vaginal soreness and stomach cramps.

Black cohosh is available in many health food stores. As it is an all-natural, herbal medication in many states you will be able to get it without needing a prescription, allowing you to purchase it without having to have any embarrassing conversations.

Closing Remarks

Of course, if you can, once you notice problems with lucubration and your vagina, you should see your doctor. Even if you suspect that it is your menopause, or simply your diet, it could also be the sign of a more serious problem that will need treatment, such as ovary failure or thyroid issues. You will especially need to see your doctor if you are currently breast feeding.

However, these natural and herbal alternatives to Premarin Cream have all been shown to work, so there is nothing stopping you from showing this list to your health care professional.

One other thing to consider is simply following all of these natural health tips, as that way you can be sure that you are doing everything the natural way with your own body.

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