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Novosbed Vs Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme

The Novosbed is a product I only got to test out recently, hence only getting around to this comparison review now. I was very impressed with the build quality, and the information I received regarding their charity work has been nothing short of astounding. They started back in 2009 and since then have made a name for themselves with their top-notch mattress builds and excellent customer service. I’ll be pitting them against one of the heavy hitters of the showroom mattress market, only now entering the big bad world of the direct to consumer model. Tempur-Pedic.

Tempur-Pedic began way back in 1992, and the age of the company is very telling. It tells you that it was once one of the old guard, the very mattress companies the direct to consumer firms are rallying against. But they do have an impressive online presence, and a wide variety of products for sale. I’ll be focusing on the Flex Supreme, simply because it bears the most resemblance to the direct to consumer mattress standard. The biggest caveat with Tempur-Pedic tends to the price of the products, seeming forever stuck in the days of mattress showrooms and salespeople.

So let’s find out which one of these mattresses comes out on top when pitting head to head.

Company Vs Company – Novosbed Vs Tempur-Pedic

As always we take a look at the charity work done by each company, and with  Tempur-Pedic that will take some time. They have been around longer than most, and as a result they have donated more money, sponsored more events and been involved in pretty much any charitable organization you care to name. They also make sure to donate all returned products, an industry standard, but it is good to see that holds true for the showroom firms as well as the direct to consumer companies. Novosbed is no slouch, while they have only been around for seven years they have given generously to many charities, most recently they have been focusing on providing mattresses to the victims of the Fort McMurray fires, a truly commendable policy. Overall I have to give this one to Tempur-Pedic simply due to the length of time they have been donating, but the actions taken by the Novosbed company should act as a guide for other firms.

Winner – Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme Vs Novosbed Mattress Build Quality and Materials

novosbed-product-19BAlways start at the beginning, and with a mattress it is no different. The Novosbed’s topper material is a wonderful synthetic blend. they use two kinds of blends, one on the very top and one at the sides, each doing something different. the top blend is designed to be more porous, letting your mattress breathe, while the side material is more durable, making sure you get your money’s worth in terms of longevity. Overall the two come together nicely, approaching the quality found in good cotton. the Side material is a different color too, making the mattress look quite pleasing, as far as mattresses go. The Flex Supreme uses an unknown material, I have reached out to them in the past but have yet to receive concrete information regarding the materials used. It does seem to be quite comfortable, and I am sure it is hard-wearing and breathable, the most important facets of a mattress topper, but without the info I can only guess. That opacity gives Novosbed the lead in this section.

Winner – Novosbed

tempur pedicOn to the insides,and here we can get a little more information our of Tempur-Pedic. The mattress is 11.5″ and uses four different foam densities in an unknown configuration. First is a base layer, nice and dense and provides great support. Next up is a rarity in mattresses with a foam base, we have a lovely coil spring support layer, followed by Tempur-Response material, which seems to be some kind of memory foam derivative, and finally a layer of Tempur-ES material. The exact characteristics of those materials is, again, unknown. Novosbed also use a four layer design, but are much more forthcoming about the exact make up.

They have three varieties of this mattress available, Soft, Medium and Firm. The Medium and Firm are very similar, both use 7″of support foam topped with two 2″ layers of hyper dense memory foam. the issue with memory foam is the heat retention, and I like seeing the different ways companies come up with to fix that. Novosbed bed just doubled up the layers and made them denser, giving you the same level of comfort but giving the memory foam layers themselves less room to store the heat. The Topmost foam layer of the firm is a little less dense, so you hit the base foam layer quicker, leading to a firmer mattress. The Soft is my favorite of them all. The base is 6″, followed by a 3″ layer of dense memory foam and topped with a gel infused, aerated layer of 2″ memory foam. Using gel inserts to alleviate the heat build up is fantastic.

Winner – Novosbed

Novosbed Vs Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme Overall Review

This is not a had one to call. If we knew exactly the make up of the Flex Supreme it might be a closer fight, but it isn’t very likely. Novosbed have crafted and excellent bed, they offer more options, without changing the price or model of the mattress, and they have the comfort+ system, which I will go in to in a moment. The Flex Supreme is a fantastic product, and seeing a good coil spring layer is great, but they don’t measure up in this fight.

Winner – Novosbed

Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme Vs Novosbed – Pricing & Returns Policy

The direct to consumer mattress market is all about high quality products and very low prices. And while I am certain that Tempur-Pedic has the first one down, they are lacking in the latter. A Queen sized mattress in 2016 should not cost this much. $2699, that is a lot of money, and when you consider the price of the Novosbed is $999, with discounts, and is a technically superior mattress, Tempur-Pedic looks all the more ridiculous. As if that wasn’t bad enough, if you find you are unhappy with your Novosbed they will send you out the Comfort+ system. This is about a half-dozen mattress toppers that slide in flush with the Novosbed so you can dial in the density of the bed. All that for $999? Yes. If you include the $100 discount they offer on all the mattresses (link below) . See below for the unadjusted prices.

SizeNovosbedTempur-Pedic Flex Supreme
Twin XL$949$2199
Cal King$1299$3299

On to the customer service policies, and they are quite similar. The Direct to consumer mattress market is fantastic when it comes to treating their consumers with respect. Tempur-Pedic offer 90 days to test out their mattress, matching Novosbed. All mattresses also come with a ten-year warranty, which includes visible sag so bear that in mind. The Novosbed’s warranty is a little longer, at 15 years. Considering the average lifespan of a mattress is 10 years that might be worth something.

Not too hard deciding on a winner in the price section. Novosbed by a landslide.

To make it even better you can click here to use the $100 off coupon code with your purchase!

Novosbed Vs Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme – Conclusion

This is far from a hard one to call overall. the Novosbed offers a better build, a cheaper price, more perks and tops it all off with some of the best customer support I have ever seen. The Flex Supreme can match them in the customer support role, and their mattress build is very impressive, but that price is a deal breaker for me, and likely you as well. If you find yourself torn go for the Novosbed.

Best of all you can currently get the Novosbed with a $100 discount by clicking this link then using the coupon code Gazette100 (exclusive for our readers – Thanks Novosbed!) when checking out.  


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