Syrian Children Use Pokemon Pictures To Ask For Help

Pokemon Go was recently released but the app is already one of the most popular. The app is not available in all countries, but everyone knows what it’s about. The app is just getting started and its popularity has already led to a few things, including a campaign in Syria.

In Syria, more than 250,000 people have lost their lives in the armed conflict, which began in 2011. Many more have escaped the country but millions of people are still living there.

Pokemon Go is so popular and everything that happens in the app usually makes the news, so Syrian children are now using the apps popularity to ask for help. On social media, tweets of Syrian children holding pictures of Pokemons have been posted. The pictures of the children holding Pokemon photos ask the world for one thing, to find them and save them.

Photos and Messages

The Pokemon photos posted by the RFS Media Office also have a message written on them. One of them says, “I am a Pokemon at Idlib in Syria, would you please come and save me?”.

The photos have been posted to remind the world of the Syria crisis. According to estimates from Save The Children, more than a quarter of a million children are living in areas where supplies have been cut off and clashes are taking place.

The UN and other humanitarian organizations have helped but part of the population is still not receiving help as they cannot enter some of the areas. Millions have escaped to nearby countries and many more have moved to safer areas.

Syria Go Pictures

Saif Aldeen Tahhan, a Syrian graphic designer is also using the app to show what’s happening in the country. His images have a Syria Go logo and show the destruction that the conflict has left in the country. One of the images shows a school that’s been destroyed. The phone is focused on the desk, which has books on top of it, and on the screen is a pokeball.

He told the Al Arabiya news channel that the world has become obsessed with this video game and that everyone is now searching for Pokemon. But he added that Syrians are searching for the basic necessities of life.

The Pokemon Go images of Syria have appeared on Facebook and Twitter, where they have been seen by millions of users.


  1. The so called moderate rebels beheaded a child who they suspected as an Assad supporter. Maybe a Pokemon should be crying in that gruesome video while they saw off the boys head with a kitchen knife, to the shouting of “allahu akbar”.