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10 Interesting Facts About World Population Day (July 11)

World Population Day is celebrated every year on July 11 and it was created to raise awareness for the biggest issues that the global population is facing. It was established by the United Nations back in 1989 and today, the world is celebrating one more year. Here are some interesting facts about World Population Day:

  • World Population DayThere are over 7 billion people on Earth, with China currently in first place with 1.357 billion people. India, the seventh largest country by area, is currently in second with 1.252 billion people. The population numbers are as of 2013, so it is probably millions more now.
  • A little over half of the population is under 30 years old, 52 percent to be exact.
  • There are more than 20 million refugees around the world. Thousands more escape conflict every day. Syria had the most resettlement cases, with 20 percent last year.
  • The world’s population reached one billion in 1804. It took 123 years to reach two billion. The population grew faster and the next billion was reached in 1959, so in 32 years. In 1974, the population reached four billion and in 1987, it reached five billion. The population reached six billion in 1999 and in 2011, it was announced by the United Nations that it was now at seven billion. The US Census Bureau later released a second estimate, which announced that the seven billion population had been reached in 2012.
  • World PopulationEstimates say the world’s population today is at 7.4 billion and the United Nations estimates that it will increase by another 4 billion by 2100.
  • As of April 2016, the United States has a population of 323,341,000. This makes it the third most populous country in the world.
  • The world’s population is growing but so are the problems they’re facing. More than three billion people live in poverty and one billion more live in extreme poverty. Estimates say that of the people living in poverty around the world, one billion are children.
  • Earlier this year, it was reported that the world’s 62 richest people now owned as much wealth as the poorest half of the global population, which is more than 3.5 billion people.
  • Taiwan has the lowest poverty rate in the world with only 1.5 percent, followed by Malaysia at 3.8 percent and Ireland at 5.5 percent.
  • In February, it was reported by Hurun, a Chinese research company, that the world had 2,188 billionaires.

World Population Day was established 27 years ago and today, experts and famous people around the world will focus on bringing attention to the issues that the world population is facing.



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