Bear and Her Two Cubs Enter a California Home

Most of us have seen bears during a visit to the zoo but these animals are also common in many areas in the United States. They are often seen trying to get inside a car or walking in a backyard. Nothing ever happens and the bears are taken back safely to another area.

A California man was surprised by what he saw when he woke up after hearing a bump. The noise wasn’t something your hear at night but immediately go back to sleep. It was a bear and it was not outside of his house, it had already entered and walking around. The bear also brought her two cubs to the house.

Rodney Ginn, who filmed everything with his phone, told Inside Edition that he couldn’t believe what was happening. He said he saw a momma bear and her two cubs looking for food. Bears are usually spotted breaking into cars to look for food but it is uncommon to see them enter a home.

The video starts with him saying that there is a bear and when he starts going downstairs, he hears the bear making his way to the second floor. He quickly runs back to his room with just the bear just a few steps away from the door. The bear can be heard standing outside of the door. Ginn and his roommates stayed in their rooms for half an hour before checking the house and confirming that the bear had left. Ginn explained on a BearsFacebook post that the bear opened the sliding door and her and the two cubs got out. He also said his roommate heard it going on for about 45 minutes and thought Rodney was cooking a late night snack.

Anyone that finds a bear at home searching for food would scream like this guy did throughout the video. Seeing a bear running inside the house is a scary situation but Ginn and his roommates stayed in the room for a while before checking to see if the bear had left. I probably wouldn’t have taken my time to film the bear and her cubs running to the second floor but they had a good idea in locking the door and waiting for the bear to leave.

Have you ever seen a bear near your home? Let us know in the comments.



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