Costa Rica Returns Cuban Migrants To Panama

The immigration service of Costa Rica has reported that it has returned 66 Cuban migrants to Panama, who recently entered from the southern border. The Cuban migrants deported entered the country in the first two weeks of August.

In the last few months, hundreds of migrants have arrived to Costa Rica and nearby countries to reach the United States. But some have remained in the countries they’ve reached as some have closed their borders. Authorities said most of the migrants reached the country through the Panama border.

Panama recently closed its border with Colombia and this left hundreds of migrants stranded in the country. Colombia announced a few days ago that it would return the stranded migrants to the country they were born in. Most migrants were staying in the port town of Turbo, where they waited for an announcement. Colombia announced that it would return more than 1,000 stranded migrants and some decided to cross to Panama through the dense jungle.

Central America

More than 100 migrants recently arrived to Costa Rica, which is one of the countries they have to cross to get to the United States. Many of the migrants are from Cuba and Haiti but some have also arrived from Africa. Costa Rica and nearby countries are concerned about the increase of migrants looking to get to the United States using this route.

Many are currently stranded as the countries ahead have closed their borders. Nicaragua was one of the first to close its borders. A few other countries have followed but this hasn’t stopped some of the migrants, who have attempted to cross to Panama through the dense jungle to avoid deportation in Colombia.

Migrant Crisis

Europe is not the only region facing a migrant crisis. Central America has also seen hundreds of migrants arrive these last few months. The numbers are far smaller than the migrant crisis in Europe but the situation has gotten worse as some have already closed their borders. Many migrants are currently stranded and waiting to see what happens next. There has also been an increase of migrants coming from Africa, despite the recent announcements from Panama, Colombia and many other countries.

In April, 600 Africans were stranded after traveling to Costa Rica. They arrived to the country to continue their way to the United States. Between April 21 and August 3, Costa Rica registered the arrival of more than 5,000 migrants.