Father of ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed Files Lawsuit Against School and City

Last year, Ahmed Mohamed was all over the news after being arrested at his school for bringing a homemade clock. He brought the homemade clock to school to impress his teachers but he was quickly arrested. The incident led to a national discussion.

The LA Times recently reported that Ahmed Mohamed and his family had fled to Qatar because of racial and religious persecution.

It all began in September 2015, when Ahmed brought a homemade clock to school. He showed his teachers the homemade clock but the school decided to call local law enforcement to arrest him. He was also given a three day suspension.

Days later, Ahmed Mohamed got to meet president Obama and Mark Zuckerberg. But not everything has gone well since he was arrested for bringing the homemade clock to school. Ahmed recently said that it’s been terrifying to return to the U.S.

Yesterday, Ahmed Mohamed and his family were back in the news after it was reported that they had filed a lawsuit against the city of Irving, Texas, the former principal of his high school and the school district. The LA Times reported that the lawsuit filed mentioned that the arrest after bringing the homemade clock to school has resulted in a number of death threats sent to him and his family. The death threats are said to be one of the reasons as to why the family decided to move to Qatar. Attorney Christopher Stoy spoke with the LA Times and said he had also received death threats for representing him and his family.

According to the LA Times, Ahmed Mohamed will be returning to Qatar in six weeks. Ahmed and his family moved to Qatar in October and after a nine month stay, he returned to Texas in June. After the arrest, he was offered a full scholarship in Qatar.