Iran Bans Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been a huge success so far and the app will probably continue to rise in popularity as it debuts in other countries. Thousands of people are currently trying to catch them all but in one country, fans will have to play the Game Boy and console versions of the game as it has been banned.

In Iran, the popular Pokemon Go app has been banned by the High Council of Virtual Spaces. They are the first country to ban the app since its release last month. Details on why the country decided to ban the popular app have not been revealed but some sites have recently reported that it’s over security concerns.

The Pokemon Go app became a huge success after its release, despite being available in just a few countries. Pokemon Go players have risked their lives trying to catch Pokemons and hundreds of incidents have been reported. Pokemon Go players have been involved in car accidents while playing the game and police have asked players to be careful since a few have been robbed while searching for Pokemon. According to the BBC, Iran had been considering the ban since last month but they were waiting to talk to Niantic about the game and see if they could add a few restrictions.

Iran is the first country to ban the Pokemon Go app but at least one more is looking at how the app does in the country. That country is Singapore, where the Pokemon Go app was recently released. Before its release, many thought the app would not arrive to the country as rumors had surfaced saying that the app would be banned.

Pokemon GoThe Pokemon Go app was released in Singapore and Philippines yesterday. Five days ago, the app reached 100 million downloads. Just two weeks after its release, Apple mentioned that Pokemon Go had broken the App Store record for most first week downloads. The game had generated more than $75 million in revenue through in-game purchases by July 26 and over $160 million five days later.

What do you think about their decision to ban the Pokemon Go app? Are you playing Pokemon Go? How many Pokemons do you have? Let us know in the comments.