Judge Orders Lochte and Feigen To Remain In Brazil

Ryan Lochte, a US swimmer who recently won a gold medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics, has been given an order by a judge in Brazil to remain in the country.  The order, which prevents the US swimmer from leaving the country, was also given to his teammate, James Feigen.

Lochte, who is a 12-time Olympic medalist, left the country before the judge gave the order, according to local media. With the order, the passport is confiscated, preventing the swimmers from leaving the country. A few days ago, the swimmer spoke about the incident but authorities say there is little evidence that it happened.

Investigation and Interview

Lochte left Brazil before the order but just a few minutes ago, it was reported that James Feigen was still in the country. Police now want to question the two swimmers over the robbery. Lochte told NBC during an interview a few days ago that he and three other teammates were going back to the athletes village after a party when the robbery took place. In the NBC interview, the swimmer says they were pulled over in the taxi by guys with a police badge.

Brazilian authorities have looked at the incident but they have found a number of inconsistencies during the investigation. The order was given by judge Keyla Blanc earlier today but Lochte has already left the country. The order was also given to James Feigen, who was with Lochte at the time the incident happened.

Order and Request For Search Warrant

The judge mentioned that they had given contradictory accounts of what happened. She added that security footage taken on Sunday showed them returning to the athletes village in high spirits. The athletes phones and wallets are also visible during the security footage.

Authorities have also asked for a search warrant for the rooms of the athletes. They also mentioned they want to look at Feigen’s phone to see where they were at the time of the incident. The order was issued after Lochte had left the country and his father confirmed that he had already returned to the United States.

According to recent social media posts, Feigen is still in Brazil but his location is unknown. The US Olympic Committee said in a statement that the swim team had moved out of the athletes village after their competition ended. They added that they were not able to make the athletes available.