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Keetsa Mattress Review – Is It Worth it in 2018?

Here’s a nice change for me. Most of the companies I review only have the one mattress on the market. Sure, Saatva has a few for sale, but all the others get by with a flagship product and that’s it. Keetsa is different, and thus so too will this review be. They have no fewer than six distinct mattresses for sale. Keetsa is only a direct to consumer mattress company in a broad sense. They segued into the sector, first selling their products in show rooms on the West Coast. They market themselves as an Eco-friendly alternative, plant based oils for their foam etc. Whether that is enough to sway you is up for debate though. I’ll be looking at every mattress they have available in this review, so read on for the most comprehensive Keetsa run down on the internet.

About Keetsa

Keetsa have been operating for over a decade, making them the oldest mattress supplier that I have looked at. It also means that they are a company capable of adapting to the times, keeping up with the rise of the direct to consumer mattress business model. Rather than focusing their energies into creating one optimized mattress they instead offer a wide range of mattresses, both coil spring and foam. They are based in California, though they also have show rooms in New York. Their products are eco-friendly, meaning that they are a green business, carbon neutral. They are not organic, 100% organic mattresses are still extremely expensive. Still, they seem to have a product that appeals to those who want to pollute by-proxy as little as possible.

The Keetsa Mattresses Build Quality & Materials

Tea Leaf Dream

dreamThe first and most expensive of Keetsa’s coil-based mattresses does not disappoint. Verging on the firm end of the medium, this mattress packs seven and a half inches of wrapped coils in a three inch foam casing for support. The Way springs adjust themselves to your body is incredible in my opinion, while support foam comes close, it can’t really match good spring foundations. The coils are followed by a three inch layer of pressure relief foam and three inches of Biofoam. All in all you’ll find yourself slowly easing into the bed as each layer provides slightly more resistance to the one above it. Great feel overall.

Tea Leaf Classic

classicSix layers here. five of foam and one of wrapped coils. At the base is the usual seven and a half inch wrapped coils for support, then half an inches of high density foam, two inches of dense comfort foam, an inch of low density comfort foam, and half an inch of very low density comfort foam. There is a mere one inch of biofoam here this time, biofoam being a special memory foam. Less memory foam means a firmer mattress, so be careful sleeping on your side. It is great for stomach and back sleepers though.

Keetsa Pillow Plus

pillow plusI’m on to the lower end of their coil based mattresses, and it is really beginning to show. The Pillow Plus is essentially the same as the Tea Leaf but with less foam. The wrapped coil base is still that heavenly seven and a half inches, but now we have a mere two and a half inches of foam topping it. You can see in the image how it is broken down. The price is reasonable, but I have seen other mattresses on the market that are priced the same but with more comfortable compositions.

Keetsa Plus

keetsa plusYou know, at least with the pillow plus you get a blend of densities and materials. The Keetsa Plus is their lowest priced, and frankly, most meager mattress. Sure the wrapped coils at the base are the same, but I imagine that’s only because it would cost more to produce wrapped coils of different sizes. With a scant inch of comfort foam and biofoam this is a bed best suited to someone who weighs very little, like a child or a fashion model. It does well for those with major back issues, where a simple contour and sleeping on your back is what you’re looking for. If that isn’t what you’re after then it’s better to look elsewhere, even if the price is on point.

Tea Leaf Supreme

tea leaf supremeThe Tea Leaf Supreme is the more expensive of the two foam mattresses Keetsa offer. It is a combination of two foam layers, with the topmost layer split again in two. At base we have eight inches of high density support foam. On top of that is three inches of Biofoam, essentially Memory foam made with both petroleum and castor bean oil. It has all the same properties as memory foam. The final Biofoam layer is quilted for extra comfort. The cover is made from a hemp-blend, which is very sustainable, though not as durable as cotton nor as porous. Overall the mattress does its job well.

Keetsa Cloud

keetsa cloudThe Keetsa Cloud is the firmer of the two foam based mattresses from Keetsa. The make up is nearly identical though. The base is a little thicker at seven and a half inches, the Biofoam middle is a mere one and a half inches and the quilted Biofoam topper is the same size. The bed is great for people who like to sleep on there back, and while it does well for side sleepers, I would have liked a little extra foam. I’ve never been a fan of firmer mattresses thoguh. You’ll find the price of this mattress to be a little lower than the Tea Leaf Supreme.

The Keetsa Mattresses Overall Review

Quality wise every mattress Keetsa has on offer is fantastic. I would argue though that they are marketed to a sect that has both money and a love of conservationism. A cursory glance over their building materials will tell you that overall the mattress are all very Eco-Friendly, and they are making new and better mattress materials every day. The price is the real sticking point though.

The Keetsa Mattresses – Pricing & Returns Policy

Six mattresses, six different price points. The cheapest mattress they offer is the Keetsa Plus, and that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who as seen its insides, but $681 is a good price for what you’re getting. You can also take advantage of any coupon codes or discounts that may be available automatically by clicking here.  My biggest issue with the pricing is with their flagship designs. As good as the product is I can’t help but feel that in the direct to consumer mattress market that is a little too steep.

 Size Tea Leaf Dream Tea Leaf Classic Keetsa Pillow Plus Keetsa PlusTea Leaf SupremeKeetsa Cloud
 Twin N/A$933.45$576.45$471.45$1164.45$838.95
 Full$ 1337.96$1101.45$681.45$576.45$1363.95$996.45
 Queen$22098.95$ 1206.45$786.45$681.45$1678.95$1048.95
 Cal King$2308.95$1573.95$996.45$891.45$1888.95$1321.95

Keetsa insists that customers sleep on their mattress for thirty days before contacting them regarding a refund. Adjusting to  new bed is a long process, and a month does sound like a decent enough length of time to do so. They accept returns for a full ninety days after purchase, which is more than enough time to determine whether you want to keep the mattress or not. Their warranty is a little longer than average, at twelve years instead of the usual ten. It covers excessive sag too, which I hadn’t seen before nor considered, but now believe should be standard.

The Keetsa Mattresses- So Are They Worth it in 2018?

The “In 2017” part of that header is more important than you realize. This is a mattress company that is selling themselves on new age issues, but more than that. This is a mattress company with one foot still firmly in the past. They have more showrooms that most direct to consumer mattress companies, that is likely the main reason for the higher prices. That said the quality of their mattresses is top notch. They each provide a wonderful sleeping experience, and the variety on offer means that you will certainly find an Eco-friendly mattress to suit your needs. If you have the cash, and want to look after the environment too, then Keetsa is a great option.  If not some other great options are the Leesa and Saatva offerings.

Keetsa Coupon Codes for 2016

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