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Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Vs Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme

Keetsa and Tempur-Pedic have a lot in common. They are both older than most firms that I review. Their history with the showroom mattress model goes back a decade or two, and they both charge more for their mattress than most direct to consumer mattress makers. Tempur-Pedic got their start way back in 1992, and since then they have maintained a high standard of design. They, like Keetsa, sell a wide variety of mattresses under the Tempur-Pedic brand, but today I will be focusing on options from the companies that most resemble the mattresses offered by their direct to consumer contemporaries. The Flex Supreme from Tempur-Pedic and the Tea Leaf Supreme from Keetsa, in an odd coincidence they both share a surname.

Keetsa have a specialized focus on Eco-friendly designs, and while there are a few others out there doing the same, none can match Keetsa for their customer service or their prices. They have a research and development department hard at work to make their mattresses ever better for the environment, and the innovations they have come up with so far have been impressive.

So which of these two is the better choice? Better read on to find out. Or skip to the conclusion, either way you find out.

Company Vs Company – Keetsa Vs Tempur-Pedic

This is a hard one to call. on the one hand Tempur-Pedic has a long history of giving back to their community, organizing fundraisers and making donations to a wide variety of charities, not to mention donating all returned mattresses. On the other hand I know that Keetsa have made generous donations to charity in the past, but also make donations to the future, by virtue of striving for Eco-Friendly designs. If that is something you hold dear then it has to be worth something here. I think it is arguable that that green push from Keetsa gives them an early lead here.

Winner – Keetsa

Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme Vs Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Mattress Build Quality and Materials

tempur pedicThe Tea Leaf Supreme is one of the more fascinating mattress build I have ever checked out. Most firms go for either cotton of a synthetic based topper material. Keetsa, with their focus on Eco-Friendly designs, does something I think more firms should do. they use hemp. Hemp fiber is more durable than cotton and nearly as porous. It does tend to absorb moisture a little more than other materials, so make sure your bedroom isn’t too humid. The vast majority of firms are very open about what their mattresses are made from exactly, telling us the size, weight and density of the foams  used, but Tempur-Pedic has not quite done that. Their topper material is a complete mystery to me. In the past when I have been unable to find out the material used I simply got in contact, And while Yogabed and Ghostbed have both been kind enough to give me the information I asked for, Tempur-Pedic has yet to. If they do rest assured I will update this, and the other articles immediately.

Winner – Tea Leaf Supreme

tea leaf supremeOn to the inside, and again Tempur-Pedic hasn’t quite given us all the information we would be looking for, but they have given us enough to make a few educated guesses. The mattress is known to be 11.5″ total. Inside there are four layers of foam, a base foam layer followed by a surprising coil spring layer. Coil springs in a mattress to this day provide superior support, if you can afford one by all means. Next up is what I have to assume is their own in-house blend of memory foam they call Tempur-Response. The final layer is called Tempur-ES, and again If I were to guess I would say it is their heat retention solution. Overall an impressive, if vague, build here.

The Tea Leaf Supreme goes for a more classic three tiers of foam build, and they have done it well. The base is 8″, a little thicker than I like but if you have back pains you want a good thick base layer. This is topped by a good three inches of Biofoam. Biofoam is an in-house memory foam blend. Memory foam is usually made exclusively from petroleum oil, this blend uses a mixture of petroleum and castor bean oil. They are still testing out ways to increase the castor beam oil percentage while maintaining the feel of memory foam. So far they have done a great job. The final layer is a quilted Biofoam layer, extra porous to alleviate heat retention.

Winner – Flex Supreme

Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Vs Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme Overall Review

This is a close one. While the Flex Supreme seems to have more layers, and that terrific coil spring layer, we do not have concrete information on the layers, nor even the mattress topper material. The Tea Leaf Supreme is a great bed, and that blend of three materials is a classic and comfortable configuration. In the end I think I have to give this one to the Flex Supreme. We may not know what’s in there, but what is in there is good.

Winner – Flex Supreme.

Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme Vs Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme – Pricing & Returns Policy

This is a rare thing. Keetsa usually loses this section due to being priced far higher than most direct to consumer mattresses. Their material costs are far higher than others, so it is at least understandable. This $2699 price tag for a Queen sized mattress in 2016 from Tempur-Pedic is less easy to understand. Both firms offer free shipping at the very least, and I have in the past found a nice 5% discount offered on the Keetsa mattresses. In the world of high cost online mattresses there are really only two players at the moment, Keetsa and Saatva. I think Tempur-Pedic is a little behind the curve overall.

SizeTempur-Pedic Flex SupremeKeetsa Tea Leaf Supreme
Cal King$3299$1888.95


This is at least a little less harsh on Tempur-Pedic than the pricing section. Their customer support is fantastic, and they offer 90 days to test out their mattress to all consumers. If you don’t like it they give you a full refund and donate you mattress to a good cause. Keetsa do the same, and their trial period is the same length too. Both firms offer a 10 year warranty, and be aware that covers visible sag. A mattress should last at least 10 years with normal use, and should not sag. If it does you are entitled to a replacement.

Winner – Tea Leaf Supreme

Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Vs Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme – Conclusion

I think this one foot in one foot out mentality that Tempur-Pedic has is going to lead to less profit for them in the future. The direct to consumer mattress market can offer cheaper products direct to your door, and the days of dropping several grand on a bed are gone now. I hope they change their prices soon, but until then they are going to lose every comparison I care to make. The Keetsa offer a comparable bed at a cheaper price. Add in the warm glowing feeling you get for helping mother earth and you have a better product overall.

Overall Winner – Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme

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  1. yeah, except keetsa is made in china and tempur is made in america. tempur doesn’t pretend to be eco friendly. keetsa is 100% petroleum based foam and shipped from china. read the label.


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