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Live and Sleep Mattress Review 2018 – How Does It Stack Up?

Another day another mattress. The Live and Sleep mattress is relatively new to the market. A twist on the classic three tiers of foam design, and one that I am interested in dissecting. You tend to find in most modern mattress that the memory foam is beneath a cooling layer, but that is not the case here. I’ll be going into detail as to why that is in a moment, but I have to say I am greatly surprised that this is the first mattress I have seen using this kind of memory foam. Live and Sleep are something of a modern Mom and Pop business, having been founded in 2014 by a couple sick of looking for the right mattress. The company has years of experience in the industry and have spent the last few years designing a bespoke quality mattress at an excellent price. But is that enough to set them apart from the crowd?

Let’s break the Live and Sleep mattress down, build it back up and see if it is the right mattress for you.

About Live and Sleep

One thing that can be said about Live and Sleep, the quality of their customer support is top notch. I asked them about their founding and any charity work they do and received a reply in minutes. Excellent stuff overall. Live and Sleep were founded in 2014 with a simple goal. To create a mattress of superb quality, at an affordable price. I think it is safe to say they have accomplished that. Their charity work is more impressive still. All mattress companies donate their returned product to charity, it is a policy I am very fond of, but Live and Sleep go one step beyond. They have a standing donation every quarter, a portion of all their sales goes to the National Alliance to End Homelessness. That is not something many firms can boast. I can say with honesty that Live and Sleep are a truly commendable organization.

Live and Sleep Mattress Build Quality & Materials

Live and sleep embeddedAlways start at the beginning. The topper material on the Live and Sleep is interesting. All mattress topper materials need to combine three facets to be worth your time. they must be porous, durable and comfortable. Most firms go for a single material, and it’s usually one that compromises in one of the three areas. But I have seen a few that have gone for multiple material types. They have discovered the areas that are required to be durable and applied a hard wearing poly blend to those areas, leaving the top of the mattress soft and breathable, and only slightly less durable. The Live and Sleep’s topmost material layer is made from a Poly-Lycra-Rayon blend, and it does a wonderful job of allowing heat to transfer, it also feels great. the lower section is cut from a tougher cloth, poly-polypropylene blend. Hard to tear. Aesthetically is looks great, and I love the green trim. A major bonus here is the easy by which it can be removed. Machine washable too. In all great attention to detail here, seems they have thought of everything.

In the vast majority of three tiered mattresses the make up is remarkably similar. A sturdy base foam, followed by memory foam and topped with a cooling foam. That is not the case here. We do have a nice 7″ of support foam, excellent for those with back issues, though I have seen better. Next is 1″ of Energex foam, it mitigates the firmness of the bed, allowing the top layer to move organically with the support layer. Now we are onto the top layer, the memory foam. It’s 2″ deep and feels different. This is not normal memory foam, this is a form of foam that has solved the heat and responsiveness issues. It is extra porous, without sacrificing the comfort of memory foam 1.0. It shocks me that other firms have not updated their design to include this form of memory foam. But it does give the Live and Sleep something of an edge over the competition.

Live and Sleep Overall Review

I love it when a firm makes their product easy to recommend. From a pure build quality perspective there is a lot to like about the Live and Sleep. That memory foam alone is impressive and taken as a hole the quality on offer here is fantastic. I would have liked to see another layer here though, perhaps maybe an extra inch of foam, but I imagine that would throw off the heat dissipation. Overall, great.

Live and Sleep Mattress – Pricing & Returns Policy

Most of the time these days when I get to the price section I feel the need to defend the expense, not the case this time. The Live and Sleep is on the higher end of the quality scale, and the lower end of the price scale. A queen will set you back a very affordable $799, not including the $75 discount bringing the price down to $724. Add in free shipping and we have a real contender on our hands here.

Twin$59939″ x 75″ x 10″
Twin XL$59939″ x 80″ x 10″
Full$69954″ x 75″ x 10″
Queen$79960″ x 80″ x 10″
King$89976″ x 80″ x 10″
Cal King$89972″ x 84″ x 10″

It’s almost as if the mattress industry has as a whole come together and decided that they all have to have the best customer service policies in the world. Live and Sleep have a full 100 night sleep trial, meaning if you don’t like you mattress within the first 100 nights they will come to your house, pick it up, donate the mattress to charity and give you a full refund. In addition, warranties with mattresses are worth their weight in gold, seen as they cover visible sag within the coverage period. Most firms grant a 10 year warranty, Live and Sleep have decided that is too short, and doubled it, giving buyers a full 20 years of coverage.

Live and Sleep Mattress Conclusion

If you are in the market for a new broad spectrum mattress there are a few options available to you. The Live and Sleep just shot to the top of your list. It is a three tiers of foam mattress with all the benefits of the last five years of advancements in mattress technology. In all I was very impressed with this build. Recommended to anyone looking for a mattress that does all things to a high standard.

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