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What Makes An Airline The World’s Worst

There are so many airlines around the world and some offer a great service. The planes, food and in-flight entertainment are some of the things that separate the good airlines from the not so good ones. When you travel you want the best but some airlines aren’t doing enough to make their passengers happy. One of them is offering a service that earned it one out of five stars. We’re talking about North Korea’s Air Koryo, which is ranked as the world’s worst airline. This is nothing new either, the airline has been the world’s worst for four straight years.

Air Koryo has a number of rules for its passengers but they are not what makes it the world’s worst. We all have read or heard of stories about how difficult it is to travel to the country and breaking rules can get you in trouble.

One Star Rating

The airline was actually the only one to receive a one out of five ranking by the SkyTrax consultancy agency. Almost 200 airlines were ranked by the consultancy agency and Air Koryo finished as the world’s worst for a fourth straight time. Having a one out of five ranking is not good for any airline but there a few passengers that don’t think it deserves the one star ranking. The airline is like any other but there a few rules, which also makes it a little different from the rest. The airline has been very safe throughout the years, with only one accident in 1983. But the SkyTrax ratings don’t focus on the safety, it just looks at the airlines service. If the ranking considered safety, the airline would probably be higher in the rankings. Its only fatal accident was 33 years ago, according to Harro Ranter, founder and director of the Aviation Safety Network.


There are only four planes being used for international flights and they were acquired eight years ago. The airline is not as popular as others in the ranking because there are only four destinations, three in China and one in Russia.

Some say the biggest weakness of the airline is its service, which is what SkyTrax looks at for its ranking. Not having magazines or anything to stay entertained while on the plane are some of the things passengers complain about with this airline. The meals aren’t five stars but this is something that many complain about with other airlines. Patrick Smith, an airline pilot, recently said to the Associated Press in an email that he’s not sure that he’s ever seen or heard any references to the airline being unsafe, only that it has a terrible service.

The airline has a higher score in rankings and reviews from other sites but its service seems to be keeping it as the world’s worst.

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