Man Wins $1 Million Lottery After Surviving Plane Crash

You have to be very lucky to survive a plane crash, especially like the one that happened last week in Dubai. The plane crash landed in the airport and the emergency team quickly showed up to control the flames. But one passenger from that plane not only survived the plane crash but also won the lottery a few days later.

$1 Million Lottery

Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar, a 62 year old man, survived the plane crash last week and then won a $1 million dollar lottery. You have to be very lucky to survive a plane crash but winning the lottery days later makes him one the luckiest man in the world. According to the Gulf News, the man purchased the ticket while he was on his way to a family vacation in India. Khadar is an administrator at a car dealer in Dubai and would purchase raffle tickets whenever he traveled to India. Khadar was already lucky by winning the lottery and it didn’t take him hundreds of tickets to win, he won it after purchasing his 17th raffle ticket. Khadar is also planning to retire later this year.

Big Plans For The Money

According to Gulf News, Khadar’s ticket number was drawn in Dubai’s International Airport. The 62 year old man is now a millionaire and has big plans for the money. He plans to return to India after he retires in December. He also wants to find a job that will allow him to help people.

The money won will also help him a lot in the future. Khadar’s son was paralyzed after an accidental fall just days after he was born. He spent a lot of money on the treatment and surgeries. His son is now 21 years old but he had to take a loan for a surgery.

Plane Crash

Khadar no longer has to worry about the loan since he said he has given it back. The rest of the money will help him a lot after his retirement later this year. Surviving a plane crash and winning the lottery in one week has to be a crazy feeling.

The nearly 300 passengers and crew members survived the plane crash in Dubai last Wednesday. One firefighter died during the rescue operations. Six passengers were injured and taken to a local hospital. The plane crash shut down the busy airport for a few hours.

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