Ryan’s Barkery Shark Tank Updates – See What They Are Doing Now

Ryan’s Barkery Before Shark Tank

Ryan Kelly is a kid who was only ten years old when he came up with Ryan’s Barkery, which are all-natural dog treats and biscuits. He came up with the idea when he and his parents adopted a two-month-old beagle, called Barkley. When they were on their way home, Ryan’s parents decided to purchase regular dog treats at a pet store, but once they opened the packaging, the smell really put them off, and even Barkley didn’t want to eat the treats.

BeforeRyan decided to test out and try different combinations of flavors, and made custom dog treats for Barkley. After he created his first homemade dog treats, his dog was really excited about them and ate them up right away. In order to make some money out of his new idea, Ryan Kelly decided to share some of his homemade dog treats with other dogs in the neighborhood, and they loved it as well. This was the start of Ryan’s Barkery, but he needs an investment from the Sharks, in order to grow his business, and reach more dog owners in America and around the world.

Ryan’s Barkery During Shark Tank

Ryan Kelly, his mother, Daniella Kelly and his dog, Barkley walk confidently and stand in front of the Sharks, ready to start their presentation”

Ryan Kelly starts the presentation by introducing himself and telling the Sharks that he is eleven years old. He continues by introducing Barkley, and stating that he is the inspiration behind his company, which is called Ryan’s Barkery. Daniella Kelly states that they are looking for an investment of twenty five thousand dollars, in exchange for a twenty five percent stake of Ryan’s Barkery.

Most of the Sharks have a smile on the face”

Ryan Kelly continues the presentation by saying that Ryan’s Barkery bakes and sells fresh all-natural dog treats. So fresh even, that they should be slapped. Ryan Kelly continues by stating that if your family is anything like my family, than you would consider your pet to be part of the family as well, just like Barkley. Ryan tells the Sharks that after they adopted Barkley, he and his family went shopping for dog treats and they smelled horrible, and couldn’t possible taste fresh and be wholesome.

The Sharks are carefully listening to Ryan’s presentation”

Daniella Kelly states that she and her son share a passion for baking, and they consulted with veterinarians to find out which ingredients were good for dogs, after which they started experimenting in the kitchen. Ryan Kelly states that they did not stop experimenting, until they found flavors that Barkley could just not get enough of.

He says that they made a lot of different dog treats with different flavors, including Pumpkin Apple, Banana Oat and Low fat Cheddar flavored treats. All of the Ryan’s Barkery treats are baked fresh with simple ingredients and no preservatives.

Ryan continues by telling the Sharks that he brought some of his dog treats over to his friends and gave them to their dogs, and they absolutely loved it.

Ryan Kelly gives one of his own dog treats to Barkley, to show the Sharks how much he reacts when he smells and tastes them”

Daniella Kelly states that they have been getting a lot of calls from pet owners, asking them where they could buy the custom dog treats, which is how Ryan’s Barkery was born. She continues by stating that, if the Sharks would invest in Ryan’s Barkery, they could develop a website, and start fulfilling orders in a commercial kitchen. Ryan Kelly states that they need the help of the Sharks, because he cannot run Ryan’s Barkery alone, and keep up with all of his homework.

All of the Sharks start laughing out loud”

Daniella Kelly thanks the Sharks for their time, and tells them that they can see, smell and even taste the custom dog treats, because they are human grade.

Ryan Kelly walks over to the Sharks with a tray of his custom dog treats”

Robert Herjavec asks Ryan Kelly where they are making the dog treats”

Ryan Kelly answers the question by saying that they are making the dog treats in their kitchen, at their own home.

Barbara Corcoran asks Ryan Kelly when he does it, after his homework, or late at night”

Ryan Kelly answers the question by saying that he makes the dog treats early in the morning, before he goes to school. He states that he wakes up at five in the morning, because he is very passionate and that he likes making dog treats for his own dog and to sell them.

Barbara Corcoran asks Ryan Kelly if he has any siblings that help him out”

Ryan Kelly answers the question by saying that he has an older brother who helps him out. He says that his name is Nick, but he doesn’t get up at five o’clock in the morning, but rather goes out to sell Ryan’s Barkery products on events.

Kevin O’Leary asks Ryan Kelly if he already has sold any of his products”

Ryan Kelly answers the question by saying that he has sold about two hundred bags of custom dog treats, and that he sells them for four dollars a bag, with eight treats in each.

Mark Cuban asks Ryan Kelly how much it costs for him to make one of the bags”

Ryan Kelly answers the question by saying that it costs thirty six cents for him to make one of the bags.

Barbara Corcoran asks Ryan Kelly if he has made any plans to grow the business”

Ryan Kelly answers the question by saying that they tried to sell their products at local supermarkets, but it didn’t work out so well because of the fact that they quickly found out that it is better to take out the middleman, and directly sell to the dog owners.

Robert Herjavec asks Ryan Kelly if they are selling the products in any other way”

Ryan Kelly answers the question by saying that they give out little samples at his lacrosse practice, because there are a lot of dogs there. He states that a lot of people bought them there, and they keep coming back for more, because their dogs loved the dog treats.

Kevin O’Leary asks Ryan Kelly if people ever bought the products, without Ryan personally being at lacrosse practice”

Ryan Kelly answers the question by saying that the labels on his dog treats have their phone number, so people call them constantly to purchase more dog treats.

Barbara Corcoran asks Ryan Kelly how much of his own money he put into his business, and where he got that money from”

Mark Cuban laughs out loud in reaction to what Barbara Corcoran asked”

Ryan Kelly answers the question by saying that his best investor is his mother, who invested two hundred dollars into Ryan’s Barkery. Ryan Kelly continues by stating that they have been making a profit, but he didn’t pay his mother back yet, because they keep baking more dog treats, and he will pay her back over time.

Robert Herjavec asks Ryan Kelly where he sees his business going”

Ryan Kelly answers the question by saying that he sees his business growing in such a way, that stores will sell his products nationwide. He also states that they want to start a website, so people could place orders, and Ryan and his mom could fulfill them.

Mark Cuban states that he started his first business when he was twelve years old, and the reason why he started his business was because he wanted a new pair of basketball shoes. He says that he went door to door, selling garbage bags, and that his garbage bag route is not all that different from Ryan’s dog treats. Mark Cuban continues by stating that twenty five thousand dollars is a lot of money, and with all that money comes a lot of responsibility, which would be very difficult for Ryan Kelly to put to work, because he is still in school. Mark Cuban says that he is very excited for Ryan and very proud of him as well, but he is out.

Robert Herjavec states that when he was eleven years old, he could not even dream of owning his own business. He says that the reason he started his own business is because somebody, much later on in his life, fired him. Robert Herjavec states that he does not want to invest in Ryan’s Barkery, but he says that he knows that Ryan Kelly will be back with another business idea, and hopefully they can talk then. Robert Herjavec is out as well.

Daymond John states that where he grew up, people wanted to be rappers and gangsters, and when he told his friends that he wanted to be a fashion designer, they laughed at him.

Daymond John asks Ryan Kelly how his friends feel about his business”

Ryan Kelly answers the question by saying that he thinks his friends are jealous of him, especially because he is on Shark Tank right now.

Kevin O’Leary states that not many eleven year olds can get on Shark Tank, and that Ryan’s Barkery is not a business yet, but rather a hobby. He says that there is nothing wrong with that, because hobbies can make you money as well, but if Ryan Kelly want to make a business out of Ryan’s Barkery, he has a long road ahead. Kevin O’Leary wishes Ryan Kelly good luck and states that he is out as well.

Barbara Corcoran states that she would like to make a full price offer, and offers twenty five thousand dollars for a twenty five percent stake. She states that Ryan’s Barkery can potentially become a very big business, in a very short period of time.

Daymond John states that he thinks that Barbara Corcoran is being very generous, but he wants Ryan Kelly to understand the responsibility. He says that sometimes money creates a bigger problem, and that Ryan Kelly is going to do really well without the Sharks. Daymond John states that he is out.

Ryan Kelly accepts Barbara Corcoran’s offer, and says that they have a deal”

At the end interview, Ryan Kelly says that he cannot wait to see his products in every pet store across America, and that he is very happy to work together with Barbara Corcoran.

Ryan’s Barkery Now in 2018 – After Shark Tank

AfterRyan’s Barkery started as a hobby, because Ryan Kelly wanted to make wholesome and taste dog treats for his own dog. After he saw how much his dog enjoyed the custom dog treats, he started thinking about selling them. Because there is no real company yet, I do not believe that Ryan’s Barkery was struggling with any financial problems. Ryan Kelly and his mom were looking for an investment from the Sharks, so that they could expand Ryan’s Barkery, design a website and produce dog treats in a commercial kitchen. There is no mention of Ryan’s Barkery being the best or worst on Shark Tank. Only Barbara Corcoran was interested in investing in Ryan’s Barkery, due to the fact that the other Sharks believed that it was too small, and that Ryan did not know of the responsibilities of having a partner.

Ryan’s Barkery still exists today, but it seems like they decided to change the name to Ry’s Ruffery. You can find the website at http://www.rysruffery.com/index.php, where you can also order their products. There are three different products on the Ry’s Ruffery website, which are called Cheddar 8oz bag, Peanut Butter 8oz bag and Pumpkin-Apple 8oz bag. Each of the bags has 8oz of dog treats and costs $9,50.

People seem to be very happy with Ryan’s Barkery (or Ry’s Ruffery) products, judging by the reviews on Facebook alone. Their Facebook page has over 6500 likes, and a lot of people sharing their stories about how their dogs enjoy the all-natural dog treats. Ry’s Ruffery products also have almost five out of five star ratings on Amazon, which really tells you how much people actually like the products, because it makes their dogs happy. Several websites claim that, after Ryan Kelly appeared on Shark Tank, he has sold over a million dollars’ worth of dog treats, which is very impressive for a kid.