San Diego County Home Is On Sale For $99,000

Buying a house is not easy, the price, the location and how many bedrooms or bathrooms it has makes it a difficult search. But in San Diego, a house is being sold for a price we don’t usually see.

The house is located in Guatay, an unincorporated community in the Cuyamaca Mountains. The price is very low compared to other homes in San Diego Country, where the average price is almost $500,000.

What do you get with the $99,000 house? Well, the house isn’t the biggest in the area, it is actually very small. It was built last year by the current owner and his son. The price is easily the one of the best in the area but there are a few things that the house does not have.

The small home doesn’t have a bedroom but there is a place to sleep over the main room. Water is a small issue, since the house has a water tank and the water has to be brought in. The home is powered by solar panels.

On the outside, the house has an olive green color on the fence and on the edge of the roof. Inside, there is a kitchen area with cabinets. In the main room, there is a small table with a phone and a TV on the wall. The house has a basement, where there is a small shower and sink. The porch has a barbecue grill and a beach umbrella.

According to Theresa DeCristoforo, the real state agent trying to sell the home, the owner decided to sell the house after he realized he didn’t have much time to spend there as he wanted. The owner bought the land three years ago for $22,000 and built the home in 2015. She says she has already received calls since the house was put on sale four months ago.

The San Diego median home price is currently at $495,000, which is a lot more than what the small home is selling for. The home looks like a good vacation spot and is located less than an hour away from downtown San Diego. The price isn’t the cheapest in the country as a few houses have already been sold for less in 2016 but it’s always surprising to see a house selling for less than $100,000.