Are Smart Headphones Amazon’s Next Product?

We all love listening to music, videos and movies on our headphones. They have one little problem though, sometimes they make it difficult to hear what’s going on or who is calling you. Amazon could be planning to change that soon.

HeadphonesThe online retailer has plans for headphones that listen to different sounds and can hear someone saying your name. Noise-canceling headphones do the opposite, stopping all the sounds from interrupting what we’re listening to. Amazon was just awarded a patent for a headphone that analyzes the noise and can recognize sounds, including your name.

After recognizing that a sound or that your name is being called, the headphone stops canceling noise and lets you hear the sounds. The same feature could work for other sounds, such as doorbells or alarms. Amazon has released a number of products in the past, including the Amazon Echo, a voice controlled speaker that listens to commands. The Amazon Echo has only been on sale for less than two years but it was recently revealed that the voice controlled speaker had reached 3 million units sold.

No one knows if the feature will work with Amazon Echo in the future or if there are even bigger plans for this. The company could do different things with the headphones but we’ll have to wait for Amazon to reveal more.

The only thing that’s been revealed from the patent is that the headphones will recognize specific keywords and probably work with other devices. The patent filing reportedly has two software engineers for Amazon and according to The Guardian, one of them has Alexa Information as one of his job titles in his LinkedIn profile. This could mean that the headphones will connect to Amazon Echo or have something to do with the popular device.

Headphones with a feature that recognizes sounds is an interesting idea but there are little details about the plans, so we’ll keep you updated when more news or rumors about the headphones are revealed.

What do you think about the Amazon headphones? What do you think they’ll do? Let us know in the comments.