UN Is Investigating Supposed Chlorine Gas Attack In Aleppo

The UN has revealed that it is investigating a supposed chlorine gas attack in an area of Aleppo controlled by the rebels. After the attack, rebels said government forces had used chlorine gas. Four people lost their lives and many were injured during the attack.

UN representatives for the country recently said that if the attack is confirmed, it would be a war crime. The BBC and many other news channels showed people arriving to the hospital and receiving treatment after the attack. Many of them were having a difficult time breathing and were given oxygen masks by the doctors.

Some details about the attack are still unknown but many say the gas was chlorine and that it was dropped in a barrel bomb. The UN representatives confirmed that experts are investigating the attack. Staffan de Mistura, a UN representative in the country, told reporters that there is a lot of evidence that it did take place. He added that if it did, it would be a war crime and it would require everyone to address it immediately.

The footage shows women, children and men receiving treatment with oxygen masks. One man in the hospital said he was with a group of friends when two missiles landed near him. He added that a few minutes later, the gas started spreading and that the smell was very strong. He felt his eyes burning and had difficulty breathing.

The UN is currently investigating the attack but doctors who examined the four people that lost their lives, said it was due to chlorine. Medics have saved clothes of victims to prove that chemical weapons are being used. The Sun reported hours ago that 55 people were injured in the attack.

This isn’t the first time a gas attack has been reported in the country. A few years ago, a gas attack was believed to have taken place in another city. Many residents said the attack was carried out by government helicopters.

A few days ago, a humanitarian corridor was opened to allow residents to leave Aleppo. Earlier today, Russia announced a ceasefire for a few hours to allow hospital supplies and food into the city. But a resident of Aleppo told the BBC that there had not been a ceasefire on Thursday.

The UN is now investigating the attack that happened a few days ago and will probably have details soon.