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Auxbeam 50 Inch Cree LED Light Bar Review

Whether you’re off-roading for the thrill of the ride or a more serene exploration of wilderness there will come a time when you’ll find yourself up a creek with no street lights. High-beams won’t cut it in those kinds of situations, you are going to need a high quality Light bar, and an LED one at that. There are a wide variety of Light bar options out there, and that variety extends to the tech used too, but no other solution can boast the longevity, and these days, the value for money that LED offers.

Size limitations are a factor that needs to be taken into account. I have reviews that focus on specific vehicles that are well worth checking out, and other focused on sizes of light bars. This is a big bar, 50″, and as such I would not recommend you fit this to anything other than a car or vehicle of similar size. If you do end up fitting this to an ATV or a golf cart then by all means send me a picture and I’ll add it to this article.

Been a while since my run down of the best light bars in their size categories. Thought it was high time I took a closer look at specific bars I recommended. First up is a look at the 50″ curved Auxbeam, one of the more affordable bars. I’ve been a fan of Auxbeam’s products for a while now, hard not to be when you spend your time researching LED light bars. Few other firms have been able to provide so high a quality of product at that price, and none can match them in terms of longevity.


Auxbeam 32 curvedAuxbeam are one of the big boys in the LED light Bar business. I have been lucky enough to see a variety of their products on action, and have walked away impressed with the lighting levels, especially considering their low prices. A mark of a good light bar firm is the variety in the products, and Auxbeam offer the full range of sizes. While their customer support is good, one area they are lacking in is returns policy, but I’ll go into that in more detail later. Overall, when compared to their peers, Auxbeam are one of the better ones.

Auxbeam Build Quality and Materials

The first thing you’ll notice about this bar is the curve. I am a fan of curved bars, they increase the range and quality of the flood feature without severely impacting the quality of your spots. In terms of quality there is only one ting to remember when buying a light bar, IP rating. IP, or ingress protection, refers to how much of a pounding your bar can take. It is a two digit number, with the first digit referring to the dust and particle protection, 1-6, and the second referring to the water resistance, 1-9k. The Auxbeam 50″ curved LED light bar is rated at 67, meaning you can rake it through the muck as much as you like, but with a 7 for water resistance you should not submerse it beyond a meter.  The bracket is fit tight, as you’ll notice when you put it together, and the bar as a whole should have no rattle at all, bear that in mind when I talk about the warranty.

In terms of output we’re looking at 28,800LM, which is very bright, though it does lose a little in spot mode thanks to its curve. Flood looks astounding, and the 60 degrees of coverage is impressive. Power consumption sits at 288W, which isn’t bad, look up the power consumption of a Halogen if you don’t mind the pain in your jaw as it hits the floor. Working voltage is 10-30V, so the common 12V or 24V battery will do fine. finally a look at lifespan, and this is where Auxbeam really excel. 50,000 hours at full burn is not a claim made lightly,nor is it one that can be made by most other firms. In terms of raw value for money, Auxbeam is on top.

Auxbeam Pricing and Returns Policy

Auxbeam size chartI mentioned already that Auxbeam specialize i low priced high quality goods, so expect a smile after reading this section. A 50″ light bar from a bespoke company will cost you upwards of $500, an Auxbeam 50″ bar runs up to $200. I’ve seen them go for less too, not to mention Auxbeam themselves have a nice internal discount, usually 30% off.

So where’s the catch? Well as much as I like their products, and as nice as their customer support team is, I am less than enthused by their customer service policies. They offer a 14 day money back guarantee, with a 30 day guarantee for some customers. I have been unable to find out why their are two different timescales, but the 14 money back guarantee covers simple dislike of the product. Their warranty is as robust as other low cost LED light bar options, and better than most, but it is still just a year. The warranty only covers defects, but I would argue that an IP 67 light bar should be able to stand up to nearly everything, so unless you fitted it to a submersible they should cover it.

Auxbeam – Is it the Right LED Light Bar for You?

It’s not a hard question to answer really. There are clear downsides to the Auxbeam 50″ LED light bar. Their warranty is not very robust, the raw output lumens is a little short of other 50″ bars and  the fact that it is a curved bar limits the usefulness of its spot function. If those are deal breakers for you then we’ll have to look elsewhere. But, if you are in the market for a low cost, high quality 50″ light bar there are few that can offer what Auxbeam does. Auxbeam bars are inexpensive, one of the perks of being such a large company. They have amazing output in terms of raw lumens, and their curved range is one of the best on the market at providing broad spectrum visibility, making them safer. Overall an excellent purchase.

Discount Price Update: You can currently get the Auxbeam 50″ LED Light Bar on sale at with the discount automatically applied by clicking here.

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