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Loom and Leaf Vs Casper Sleep – 2018 Mattress Comparisons

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to give the Casper the full compare and contrast treatment, but no matter. over the next week days I will be giving you the full breakdown and comparison of the Casper to a wide range of the most popular mattresses on the market at the moment. The Loom and Leaf is still one of the most advanced mattresses on the market, and that is reflected in the price. The Casper is more of a budget option, it’s true that the build quality of the Casper is fantastic, but the core tech used is lagging behind a little these days. This week I’ll be pitting these two mattresses against each other, contrasting materials used, price and fundamental feel. In a world with the Loom and Leaf in it is there still a market for the Casper? Is the lower price point enough to sway the consumer?

Read on for the full break down and find out.

Company Vs Company – Casper Vs Saatva

In the days before I knew better this section would have been a lot closer. Since then I have learned an awful lot about the work Saatva do with the under privileged, not to mention there work back during Hurricane Sandy. They also donate all returned mattresses to charity, though that is something that can be matched by Casper. Speaking of Casper, I have been unable to dig up any information on their charitable donations. I have emailed them looking for more information, but have thus far not received word back. I realize that philanthropy is not a competition, but we must judge them regardless and in this case it is clear that Saatva are far and away in the lead.

Winner – Saatva.

Casper Vs Loom and Leaf Mattress Build Quality and Materials

casper layersOn to the the mattress proper, and we have some very different design philosophies at work. The Topper material of the Loom and Leaf is one of the best on the market, making ti somewhat unfair to compare it to the more cost effect options from Casper. The Loom and Leaf uses a 100% cotton topper, quilted for extra comfort, by comparison to the relatively pedestrian Poly-blend used by the Casper. Cotton is that perfect blend of porousness, durability and comfort that cannot be found with any other single material. The only benefit the Casper’s Poly-blend has over the Loom and Leaf is its durability. It pales in comparison in all other ways, I am sad to say. Aesthetically the Casper is not much to write home about either. The best I can say is it is functional. Don’t get me wrong, the Loom and Leaf is no Picasso, but it looks more bed-like if you know what I mean, quilted, soft and criss-crossed, almost cliche “Bedness”. Not a hard section to call, the better topper is the Loom and Leaf.

Winner – Loom and Leaf.

On to the insides, and the Casper has a few aces here. The Casper appears rudimentary by comparison to the Loom and Leaf, but its simplifies design allows for a far more focused experience. The Casper has three tiers of foam, a 7″ high density base foam layer topped by 1.5″ of memory foam and a final 1.5 inches of latex foam. The memory foam’s heat retention is dissipated by the latex foam, and the porous nature of the topper material, and the extra inch or so of support foam creates a sleeping experience best suited to those with back issues. Latex foam does not cause allergic reactions either, so good news there.

loom and leafThe Loom and Leaf is a more complicated build. A four tier system is in play here, five if you include the quilted topper material as a layer. At base we have 5.5 inches of support foam, followed by a thin transition layer that allow the base foam to move well with the memory foam that comes next. The Final layer is more memory foam, and I know what you’re thinking. Two memory foam layers? Won’t that be ridiculously hot? Well that final memory foam layer is gel infused, meaning that heat retention isn’t even a thing here. It means we can get the luxurious hug of 4 inches of memory foam without the downside of being slow roasted during the night. I will say this, they plush nature of the entire line makes it a little harder on your back, but by no means is it actually hard.

Winner – Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf Vs Casper Overall Review

This is open to interpretation. On one side we have the Casper, a nice, efficient posture correction machine, and on the other we have the Loom and Leaf, the pinnacle of mattress tech decadence. I have to give this section to the Loom and Leaf, but the Casper is by no means a bad option if you know you want to save a bit of money and get a firmer mattress.

Winner – Loom and Leaf

Casper Vs Loom and Leaf Mattress – Pricing & Returns Policy

A section that goes in Casper’s favor from start to finish this. The Casper is a less expensive mattress, and considering what you get in it it is a bargain and a half. $850 for the Queen from Casper, with Loom and Leaf charging near a grand. The Thing about the figures below though is that they do not tell the whole story. Casper offers free shipping, something that almost all direct to consumer mattress companies offer at this point, but Saatva do not. This holds true across their product line, and that $99 price tag is a little much. It pushes an already expensive product to a less than ideal price. $1098 may be outside many peoples price ranges, and companies like Casper are more than willing to cater to them.

SizeCasperLoom and Leaf
Twin XL$600$799
Cal King$950$1399


When it comes to customer service policies though Saatva match the best of them. First is their extended warranty that comes as standard with all of their mattresses. 15 years. That is a good 5 years longer than Casper, who offer the industry standard 10 years. With mattresses the warranty is well worth it, as it covers visible sag within 10 years. Casper have the longer trial period though, 100 nights to Saatva’s 75 nights. I would argue that seen as the average lifespan of a mattress is 10 years, and it only take about a month to get used to a new mattress, that the differences here are not as important as the price or the core sleeping experience.

Winner – Casper

Loom and Leaf Vs Casper – Conclusion

Not a hard one to call an outright winner on, but I feel I would be doing Casper a disservice if I didn’t stress that they offer a good product. There is a niche that they fill, and they fill it well. The Loom and Leaf kinda goes for another segment of the market, and they do have the better overall mattress. Still,. if you find you cannot afford the Loom and Leaf, or you are after a bed that will help your chronic back ache, then the Casper is as valid a choice as any.

Overall Winner – Loom and Leaf

Discounts & Coupons For 2016

So the bad news is neither of these two companies offer coupons for their mattresses. That said you can actually save a little money by being creative.

Casper – To save money on the Casper Mattress instead of buying it from their website you need to click here to get the discounted rates at  Their isn’t always a discount but when their is it’s there.  Also you get free prime shipping which is a nice little bonus.

Loom & Leaf – Saatva also doesn’t offer coupons for the Loom & Leaf however you can get it for the best price direct from the manufacturer by clicking here.

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