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Natural Alternatives to Ibuprofen

The most common pill to take when you feel a little bit of pain, or a headache coming on, Ibuprofen can actually be really harmful for you.

Ignoring that it is a drug made by big pharma, who are known for causing widespread damage to planet earth, Ibuprofen can actually cause many side effects, including dizziness, vomiting, and an upset stomach. It can also raise your blood pressure, which is something to think about if you are currently on other medications for heart problems.

The thing is, there are plenty of natural alternatives to Ibuprofen that do not require you to go to a pharmacist, or to experience bad effects. Furthermore, it can be better for you to take natural solutions because, by not polluting yourself with man-made chemicals, you can make sure that your body is as healthy as it can be and can really start to get to work in repairing itself.

Grape Juice

Drinking organic grape juice is one way to cure headaches and migraines without popping an Ibuprofen pill.

Grapes are naturally rich in anti-toxicants and flavonoids, which help to increase the rate of blood to the head, helping your own body cure your migraine and headache.

So, instead of keeping Ibuprofen in your medicine cabinet, all you really have to do is to make sure that your fridge is stocked with plenty of grape juice ready for the next onset of a headache or migraine.

Alternating Hot and Cold Showers


Sometimes, the cause of the pain that we take Ibuprofen for is actually just an imbalance in body temperatures. This can be easily solved by taking showers that you alternate between hot and cold water with.

Simply jump into the shower, and once you have the water at your usual temperature and are comfortable, quickly whack up the shower to as hot as you can stand it. After a few minutes of this, turn the dial all the way down to a cold temperature.

By doing this cycle, you are allowing your body to kick-start it’s regulation of your internal body temperature. Part of these systems also control the flow of pain-reducing chemicals meaning that you have now put these chemicals into overdrive. This natural pain-relief is a lot more effective at solving your symptoms than Ibuprofen.

White Willow Bark

A herbal supplement found in many good stores, White Willow Bark is one of the absolute most effective natural Ibuprofen replacements.

Used in the ancient times by Romans and Asian cultures, White Willow Bark has been shown to have a range of beneficial properties, including being very effective against back pain and headaches.

The active ingredient in White Willow Bark is a natural chemical called Salicin. In fact, the grandfather to Ibuprofen, Aspirin, was originally designed to try and mimic the effects of this natural ingredient. This means that not only is White Willow Bark a great herbal alternative to Ibuprofen, it was actually the supplement of choice before pharmaceutical companies took over.

Essential Oils

One other great way to beat the need for Ibuprofen is to start using more essential oils within your home remedies.

This is because Essential Oils are a great way to combat all headache related needs without having to consume any chemicals whatsoever.

The healing effects of essential oils are well known, and this is why many massage therapists have them in their toolboxes.

One of the best essential oils to consider to help with the problems of headaches is Clary Sage. This oil has natural effects on both heart rate and pain receptors.

One of the great things about using essential oils as an alternative to Ibuprofen is that there are many different ways in which you can apply them. One of the most popular ways is to simply burn some oil in the room you are currently in, allowing the smell to heal you. However, many oils, Clary Sage included, you can also apply straight to your body. This allows the natural chemicals in the oil to penetrate the skin.

Another great thing you can do with essential oils is to add a few drops to your bath. This allows the chemicals to work all through your skin, while also providing a lovely smell that both beats any commercially available bubble bath and beats the need for Ibuprofen.

Introducing more Omega-3 to your diet


Another thing to consider when trying to remove your need for Ibuprofen is if you are getting enough Omega-3 in your day to day diet. Omega-3 naturally promotes a pain-free life. In fact, one of the signs of not getting enough Omega-3 is an increased sensitivity to pain.

Of course, one of the best sources of Omega-3 is seafood, including Salmon and Tuna. If you don’t want to eat fish, it is still possible to get your source of Omega-3 from the sea. Seaweed also contains this essential fatty acid. By adding a few dashes of seaweed to your typical salad mixes, you can decrease your dependence on Ibuprofen.


This is one of the cheapest natural alternatives to Ibuprofen, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less effective than the more expensive options.

Taking some ginger every day, wherever it be in the form of a tea, a capsule, or as an addition to your cooking will help relieve pain, and provide a range of anti-inflammatory properties that can help to solve the cause of your problems as well as provide instant relief.

One of the reasons that ginger is such a cheap alternative to Ibuprofen is that you actually only need to buy one bulb of ginger for the rest of your life. Simply plant the bulb of ginger straight away, and it will grow, allowing you to chop off bits as needed and regrow even more ginger.

Valerian Root

One last great way to help relieve your pain is to look out for some Valerian Root tea. You should be able to find this in most herbal stores.

One of the best ways of taking this tea is to buy the loose leaves and buy yourself a tea strainer.

By drinking a tea made out of Valerian Root, you are getting a large range of benefits that you wouldn’t get from other teas. Valerian Root, for example, is great at treating muscle tension, which might be the reason why you are in pain and considering taking another Ibuprofen. It can also be used to help treat any insomnia, or stress you have.

But, most importantly, it is an amazing nerve calmer. Drinking Valerian Root can help calm down the screaming of your nerves, allowing you to feel an instant, all-natural relief from pain without the need for Ibuprofen.

One problem with the medical culture in America is that people are constantly prescribed a pill for every problem that they encounter, but it doesn’t have to be like this.

Whereas most people’s reaction to getting a headache, migraine, stomach cramps or a bit of pain is to instantly pop an Ibuprofen pill, and add more harmful chemicals to their body, instead you now know all the easy, natural, and healthy ways you can manage your pain.'
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