Pokemon Go Drops Support for Jailbroken Devices

(FILES) This file photo taken on August 2, 2015 shows costumed performers as Pikachu, the popular animation Pokemon series character, performing at the Yokohama Dance Parade in Yokohama. Legions of Pokemon fans were left disappointed on July 20, 2016 after a rumoured release of the franchise's hugely popular smartphone game in Japan proved wrong. / AFP PHOTO / KAZUHIRO NOGI

Users of jailbroken iOS devices and/or rooted Android phones who love spending their days catching Pikachus (and possibly Rattatas) will be disappointed to hear that the latest Pokemon Go update will no longer be supporting their devices.

Niantic’s latest update, which will include the new ‘buddy’ system, is slowly being trickled into devices over the next few days. However, the developer says that the restrictions have been enacted to crack down on bots, which automatically plays the game on behalf of users in exchange for a fee. But given that bots don’t require jailbroken or rooted phones to be used, so it is likely that Niantic is primarily targeting those using local GPS spoofing.

If there’s a will, there’s a way

According to Ars Technica, Android users have already found a way around the restrictions. Reddit user TheJakeGaming said in a post: “I was browsing over XDA and found this flashable zip, Magisk. If you didn’t know, Pokémon Go uses a method called safety net to check for root which is the same thing Android Pay does. TopJohnWu has developed a program to get around that safety net enabling you to play Pokémon Gowhile rooted”.

This is naturally the course of action for Pokemon Go fans with jailbroken/rooted phones as the latest update is said to include much-needed improvements to the game, including making it easier to select smaller Pokemon, a fix for crashes when devices switch networks, as well as amending an issue where eggs would hatch without showing the animation. The highly anticipated buddy system, which will enable players to pick one of their Pokemon to be their buddy and earn candies while walking around, will roll out in this update.

There will also be support for Pokemon Go Plus, an additional wristband which can be used by players to alert them when Pokemon are nearby without having to be on their phones. These are expected to go on sale on September 16.

Players with Apple Watches can also opt for Pokemon Go Plus on their devices, which will allow them to interact with Pokestops and grab free items.