Township Cheats, Tips & Tricks 2018

Township is a mobile game that effectively combines city building and farming. You are tasked in building up a thriving town by making an income out of the crops you plant and the goods you produce. More challenges and opportunities are presented as you gain in level and as your town grows until it becomes a bustling city in 2017.

If you are a new player or a veteran seeking for tips and tricks on Township then read on:

Township Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Township Farming Cheats and Hacks 

Farming in Township plays a very crucial role in keeping your town productive. At the start you will be given a few fields and as you level up you’ll have more land to till. Here’s a little guide on how to be efficient with your crops and fields:

township-cheats-tips-and-tricks-cropsIt is important to keep in mind the time before you can harvest a crop as some of them take hours to finish. During the day while you’re awake you should focus more on those that finish fast. These fast crops like wheat and corn take only a few minutes to grow. They can also be a good source of Coins as you can sell them quickly. Wheat sells for 1 Coin per piece, not to mention that it grows very fast and is for free. Corn sells for 3 Coins but costs 1 Coin per field. It may sound repetitive and boring but this is actually one of the best ways to make Coin in Township if you’re unable to fulfill any orders.

The trick with crops that need hours to grow like potatoes or cacao is that they should be planted before you go to bed. That way you can have them ready for harvest when you wake up the next day. Planting them while you play during daylight is just a waste of field unless you’re the kind of player who does not check on the game every minute. Given how long these things grow you should only get rid of them if you’re strapped on T-Cash or are in dire need of barn space.

As for your animal enclosures like the Sheep Farm and the Chicken Coop, it would be wise to let their finished products sit there if you don’t need them yet. This way you’ll be able to save up some barn space for other items.

A trick to make these animal enclosures more efficient is to always have their respective feeds ready in the Feed Mill. Before you harvest milk from the Cowshed you should have some Cow Feed ready and waiting. This way the production of those dairy bottles will continue without delay and you’ll get to squeeze as many items produced in a single day.

Level 22 unlocks the Academy of Industry. This special building allows you to purchase permanent upgrades for your town at the cost of ingots. You can make your factories produce goods faster, have extra boxes, increase the price of your items, and even make trains and ships return faster. Upgrading the time attribute of your factories is the most recommended tip in choosing what to pursue first.

Township Coins and T-Cash Hints

Township has two forms of currency namely Coins and the premium T-Cash. Here are some things to keep in mind regarding them:

The Helicopter contains order requests from the inhabitants of your town. At first it is wise to fulfill all of them as it is still easy, but as the game goes on the requests will involve more items. Some of these requests don’t even pay you well for your efforts. A good rule of thumb when you are around level 20 onwards is to reject orders that do not pay 300 Coins and above. This way your hard work will be properly rewarded. Only keep those orders with cheap payouts if they are very easy to fulfill.

Also turn away orders involving goods that take more than 2 hours to produce. Focus on the ones that can be fulfilled quickly so you can get more orders in a short amount of time. An order of 36 Carrots is way better than a request of 9 Popcorn and 8 Syrup.

township-cheats-tips-and-tricks-achievementsAchievements in Township can be viewed by tapping on the Town Hall, and accomplishing those nets you T-Cash and experience points.

The Jewelry Store is a factory that produces, you guessed it, jewelry. The goods here are produced using ingots, and we all know how tedious it is to dig for ores in the mine.  Demand for jewelry is low and the usual person who will request for this is the Mafia guy in the Helicopter.  A trick players do with his request is to purchase jewelry in the City Market and sell it to him (he pays with T-Cash). If there are no jewelry items available you can hire Rajah to get the things you need. With this combo you can earn back the T-Cash you spent on Rajah and possibly make even more if you play regularly.

One of the best investments you can make with your T-Cash is to purchase additional boxes on the factories. This way you can have more goods produced in one batch. Each factory can support up to a maximum of seven boxes. Please do not waste your T-Cash in instantly completing anything on your town unless you are running out of time in completing goods at the Airport.

Always wait for special discounts before purchasing T-Cash so you can get more bang for your buck. If you don’t want to spend a cent then you can watch advertisement videos in the Helicopter in exchange for the premium currency. Take note that some players claim that the person who presents those videos disappears whenever you buy T-Cash with real money.

As usual you should refrain from using apps or websites that claim to give unlimited Coins and T-Cash. These “hacks” do not work and will only give you nothing but trouble.  Same goes for installing APK files of the game on Android that are advertised to give you unlimited funds through cheats and mods.

Township Friends Hints


Township allows you to add players from Facebook or within the game’s community. Don’t ignore this function as having friends bestows a lot of benefits. If you are not aware, your pals can render you these benefits:

  • Send you gifts.
  • Help you fulfill requests of Airport and Train goods. Alternatively if you help them out you will receive a Clover as a reward. Five of these Clovers are exchanged in the House of Luck special building for a random prize.
  • The more friends you have the more goods will be sold at the City Market.

If you don’t have a lot of real-life friends who play the game then you can just go add anyone you see on the Friends list. The game presents you with a list of people you can add. Don’t hesitate and think of the many benefits of playing with them instead of going all lone-wolf on your town. Don’t worry, the people you add in Township will not see your Facebook account if you linked it.

Township Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks

Whenever you fulfill a Helicopter order you’ll see Becky fly the aircraft to deliver the goods. When you have a rather large town some of these orders might take a little while to fly around and return to the pad. Here’s something you can do to speed things up: visit a friend’s town when the helicopter is up in the air. Afterwards immediately return to your town. You’ll see your helicopter docked and ready for another flight.

township-cheats-tips-and-tricks-confirmationIn the past few months many players complained about the lack of a confirmation window whenever the option to speed things up with T-Cash is tapped. There were a lot of incidents where loads of T-Cash were wasted due to accidental taps. The developers then added the said window to avoid such mishaps. Make sure you double check that yours is activated by opening the “additional settings” on the gear icon to the left. Better safe than sorry.

There we go with the 2017 cheats, tips and tricks for Township. Just remember to practice maximum efficiency with your crops and factories, carefully choose your Helicopter orders, and be very active especially in helping out your friends. Keep this things in mind and mix in some hacks of your own and your little town will unfold into a gigantic metropolis in no time.

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