UFC 205 Fights Announced, How to Watch Online

UFC 205, which has the potential to be one of the biggest fight cards of the year in terms of attendance, has just been announced as being helds in New York City’s famous Madison Square Garden. This is significant because UFC 205 will be the first ever event to be held in the famous arena; the stadium seats just over 18,000 people for events like basketball games, and will most likely pack to more than 20,000 people for the coming of UFC to New York City. UFC 205 will only be the second event to take place under the UFC banner since 1995, when UFC 7 happened.

2ufcfightHow to Watch

This past Wednesday, five fights have been guaranteed for the event. UFC 205 will take place on November 12, 2016 in the Garden, and can be viewed on Pay-Per-View only; for subscribers of the UFC fight pass, you will have to wait some time. For places overseas, such as locales that include subscribers of Sky Sports, the event may be shown for free or require a pay-per-view purchase, depending on the cable package that you may have.

The Fights

Frankie Edgar
Frankie Edgar

So far, there have been five announced fights; two middleweight fights, a welterweight fight, a featherweight fight, and a women’s bantamweight fight.

Frankie Edgar vs Jeremy Stephens

The most noteworthy fight is Frankie Edgar vs Jeremy Stephens, which will be a featherweight fight; featherweights fight at a maximum of 145 pounds. Frankie Edgar is a malicious striker with a shocking 20-5 record in the UFC, with only one draw. Frankie is a former UFC Lightweight champion who is notable for beating out B.J. Penn in three separate defenses; unfortunately, Frankie Edgar lost his most recent fight, at UFC 200, to Jose Aldo to determine the interim UFC Featherweight Champion (infamous Conor McGregor was the champion, but he is not actively defending due to his fight with Nate Diaz in a higher weight class). Now, Frankie seeks redemption against a 25-12 Jeremy Stephens. Jeremy Stephens originally appeared in the 7th season of The Ultimate Fighter, and is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; expect an interesting clash of striking versus grappling. Jermey Stephens is seeking to rocket to the top of the featherweight division, where he is ranked 7th and Frankie Edgar is ranked 2nd – the winner will most likely face Jose Aldo or Conor McGregor at some point for the title. This may possibly be the main event.

Cowboy vs Kevin Gastelum

Now you know why they call him cowboy
Now you know why they call him Cowboy

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Kelvin Gastelum have been confirmed as a second major fight; Cowboy has been hailed as a fan favorite due to his laid-back attitude, and the constant presence of a cowboy hat that he wears. Kelvin, with a record of 12-2, is seeking to gain traction after only being in the UFC for 3 years (originally appearing in the 2013 season of The Ultimate Fighter). Donald Cerrone is a veteran with a record of 31 wins, 7 losses, and one no contest due to testing positive for hydrochlorothiazide. Hydrochlorothiazide is a substance with helps to treat swelling and high blood pressure – a performance enhancing drug. This fight will take place in the welterweight division, with a maximum of 170 pounds. These two men will be fighting for a higher position in the Welterweight division rankings, where Gastelum is ranked 5th and Cerrone is ranked 7th.

Tim Kennedy vs Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans
Rashad Evans

Tim Kennedy vs Rashad Evans is the third confirmed fight; Rashad Evans is a long time veteran who has fought against names like Chael Sonnen, Dana Henderson, Jon Jones, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, and Lyoto Machida – all very, very bad guys and great fighters. Rashad Evans is also a former light heavyweight champion, and will be fighting Tim Kennedy in the middleweight division, which has a maximum weight of 185 pounds. Tim Kennedy is a new face to the UFC and is a notable character due to his active service in the United States Army, as he is a sergeant third class. Tim Kennedy knocked out Rafael Natal in the first round of the UFC Fight for the Troops 3 event, and won Knockout of the Night. Tim Kennedy has a record of 18-5, while Rashad Evans has a record of 19 wins and 5 losses. This fight will be solely for exhibition purposes

Rafael Natal vs Tim Boetsch

Almost embarrassingly enough for Rafael Natal, Natal will fight just before the Kennedy and Rashad Evans bout; Rafael Natal has been confirmed to fight Tim Boetsch at the middleweight weight class. Rafael Natal hails from Brazil and is a UFC veteran, having fought for the promotion since UFC 124. Natal is a noteworthy fighter due to his resilience and scrappiness; more than 80% of his fights in the UFC have gone the entire duration of the match, and he has only lost two of those due to decision. Tim Boetsch is also a UFC fighter, having stick around since UFC 81 (in 2008) and has a record of 19 wins and 10 losses. Natal is trained as a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, while Tim Boetsch was a division 1 NCAA wrestler for the Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. Expect a long fight where both men try to take it to the ground and wrestle their way to victory. Boetsch seeks to find his way onto the middleweight rankings, where only Natal is ranked at the 14th position.

Liz Carmouche vs Katlyn Chookagian

Katlyn Chookagian

The final confirmed fight is a woman’s bantamweight match, which will consist of Liz Carmouche versus Katlyn Chookagian. Liz Carmouche is a UFC veteran, having fought in the promotion since UFC 157 in 2013, and has fought in other promotions, including the Strikeforce promotion based on the western coast of the United States. Katlyn Chookagian seeks to find some fame for herself, as she is a fresh face to the promotion; the only fight that Katlyn has participated in before has been the UFC Fight Night: McDonald vs Lineker, which took place on July 13, 2016. Liz Carmouche is ranked at the 9th place, while Katlyn Chookagian is ranked at the 14th place; this should be a great fight because Katlyn, as a new face, is fresh blood and is seeking to prove herself with a victory over a higher-ranked fighter. The women’s bantamweight has a weight limit of 135 pounds. Katlyn Chookagian has 8 wins with 0 losses in her fighting career, while Liz Carmouche has 9 wins and 5 losses.