Whatever Happened to Tiger Woods – News and Updates

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It seems only yesterday that Tiger Woods became a household name with the 12-stroke win at the Masters Tournament, earning him that sought-after Green Blazer. The instant success of this unassuming and shy golfer who chooses to allow his game to speak for him was America’s sweetheart and the first African-American to win the Masters. Fast forward a decade and a half later and the world cannot help but wonder, what happened to Tiger Woods? Will he join the list of stars such as Demi Moore and Charlie Sheen as icons of a bygone era?

More than Just a Sportsman

A man is more than just his past, and throughout his golfing career, Tiger has shown a deep desire to collaborate with people from all walks of life. The plight of the underprivileged is something that needs to be addressed by a nation as a whole, and merely just addressing the issues of basic dignity in a community is not enough. By providing STEM classes to students from low-income households, the Tiger Woods Learning Center provides both hope and a better chance for a bright future. Tiger is also known for his support of United States Navy and made an effort to spend time with soldiers deployed in the Arabian Gulf while on tour for the European PGA Tour’s Dubai Desert Classic in 2004. Tiger joins other big names in sport by giving back to the community. Tiger is known for donating more than $12 million of his proceeds to charity, making him one of the most philanthropic sports stars on the planet.

The Big Cat’s Ailing Health

The fame and fortune of a sporting superstar is often overshadowed by the plaguing reality of the fragility of the human body, and Tiger Woods has experienced this first-hand with a spate of injuries that cropped up throughout his career. This caused a few absences from the golfing game for short bursts of time for minor procedures, but nothing could prepare him for the recurring frustrating of a pinched nerve that saw him miss the Masters for the first time in his career, in 2014. This nerve would stand in the way of many tourneys, including a second miss of the Masters.

Another Swing at Things

The future may seem foggy for Tiger as he plans to return to the world of golf and although his fans desire the Big Cat to take to the greens again, his former coach Sean Foley is happy the star is taking the time to recover. The injuries will not only affect Tiger’s game but can also have an effect on his quality of life. Recently, after announcing his desire to return to golf, fellow golfers rallied behind the star with words of support. Fellow golfing pro Jason Day was quoted saying: “I’m looking forward to seeing him play again, seeing what the state of his game is. He’s done it the right way by waiting and not coming back too soon.”

Book Deal and Other Interests

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Although the game of golf on Tiger’s horizon seems questionable, interest in the star has not faded and fans can look forward to a book deal early 2017, which will detail all the high and lows of the star’s journey to the top. With the flickering uncertainty of his golfing career, Tiger manages to stay busy and part of the business world by investing in different ventures such as bars and restaurants.

While Tiger and the rest of the golfing community wait with bated breath on whether he will return to the game of golf, there are a number of upcoming stars looking to fill his shoes. Some of the top players to watch in 2016 Include Brooke Henderson and Justin Thomas. Whether they will adopt the golfing legend’s unusual rituals when playing golf such as that lucky red shirt remains to be seen. With many golfers enjoying the game well into their senior years, fans and critics alike hope this will be the reality for the Big Cat.