World’s Longest Glass Bridge Closed After Two Weeks

The world’s longest bridge, sitting above the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, was opened last month and visitors could not wait to take pictures and walk on the record setting bridge.

The world’s longest and highest bridge broke a number of records before and after it was opened. Some people had already visited before the bridge was officially opened and officials showed that the glass was very strong.

The glass bridge is not the first in the country and they have become a popular attraction in the last few years. The bridge officially opened last month and hundreds of visitors quickly went to the area to walk and see the amazing view from the bridge. Officials had mentioned that 8,000 people would be able to visit the bridge per day but the opening brought many more people. Officials at Zhangjiajie say the bridge was visited by ten times the amount of people of its capacity.

Glass BridgeHundreds of people visited the bridge when it was officially opened last month and many more kept coming the days after. A spokesman reportedly said that they were overwhelmed by the volume of visitors. An exact number of visitors was not revealed but if their capacity of 8,000 people per day was not enough, then the bridge could also be setting attendance records.

The bridge is currently the world’s highest and longest but it also holds a few more records. The bridge stands out because its floor is made of glass panels. Officials said there was no significant damage. The glass bridge, which cost $3.4 million to build, was announced in 2012 and opened two weeks ago. A date on when it will be opened again has not been revealed but park officials will reportedly also use this time to improve the customer service and parking areas.

Before the opening, officials showed that the glass wasn’t just any glass. They invited people to test the strength of the glass with sledgehammers. The sledgehammers cracked the glass but it did not break. They also drove an SUV with passengers over the glass panels, proving once again that the glass would not break at all.

The bridge officially opened on August 20 and thousands visited in the first few days. The visitors walking on the bridge have been a lot more than expected and this has forced park officials to close it. It is not yet known when the bridge will open again.

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