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5 Best Apps Like Overcast for Android

For fans of the iOS app Overcast who find themselves transitioning from iPhone to Android, they may be a little shocked to find their favorite app is not available. However, this does not mean that there aren’t plenty of good options for free podcast apps. Here, we will take a look at five such apps.

Podcast Addict

podaddStarting off our list of free podcast apps is one of the most customizable on the market. With the ability to change themes, display modes, and integrate RSS into the app, Overcast exiles will find plenty to love. With thousands of podcast choices available in-app, Podcast addict also allows for the user to make it the primary media player, making it an all in one for the media minded.

Podcast Republic

podrepubWith over 2 million downloads, Podcast republic is one of the most popular podcast playing apps for Android. While it shares quite a few features with both Overcast and Podcast Addict, it also shines in the fact that you can back up your favorite podcasts to drop box to allow for cross-platform listening or viewing. Podcast republic also has recently enabled radio streaming support, so you can listen to your favorite radio stations without downloading a secondary app.

Podcast Player by PlayerFM

playerfmFor those who want to use their Android Wear Device or even Chromecast to listen to podcasts, look no further than the Podcast Player by PlayerFM. Featuring both online and offline listening, cloud sync, and a refined personal recommendations algorithm, this app can lead you to fresh podcasts and keep you listening for hours. This app also allows you to speed up or slow down content as needed, as well as allows you to skip silent portions without missing any content. For those that enjoy listening before bed, there’s also a sleep timer in case you doze off while listening, and with 3 million current podcast episodes available, there are plenty of options to either keep you interested or put your mind at ease.

Stitcher Radio

stitchAwarded with such accolades as among the 20 best apps by Tech Crunch and considered an Essential Driving App by Wired, Stitcher is an incredibly solid podcast player app. With both all the big names in podcasts, and the ability to create your own stations, you can stitch together a playlist for just about any occurrence. Breaking news is also available while online, and can even be set to send alerts for especially pertinent information. The UI itself is clean and very easy to use, and the programmers have recently added a setting to minimize data consumption for those with limited data plans.

Tune In Radio

tuneinPrimarily a radio app, Tune In Radio also offers a wide selection of Podcasts available. One of the biggest features of the free version is its connection to the Google App, where this app can be voice activated. There is also a paid version, which caters especially to sports fans, allowing coverage of all major sports within the United States. It also allows access to over 40,000 audiobooks for free use at any time. With reviews that compare it as better to Spotify or Pandora, anyone who is a music lover may also find it worth while to give Tune In Radio a listen.

These have been our selections for the top 5 apps like Overcast for Android. Personally I tend to use Tune In Radio, though there are still plenty of options out there. Did an app you enjoy not quite make it on this list? If so, be sure to leave it in the comments, and why you enjoy it.

Cody Carmichael
University graduate in Psychology, and health worker. On my off time I'm usually tinkering with tech or traveling to the ends of the globe.


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