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ValoreBooks Review – The Best Textbook Rental Company?

Most of us know the woes of having to buy textbooks for college—it’s a tedious, mind-numbing chore that ultimately acts to drain our wallets. It’s common knowledge that these hardcovers can be pricey, heck I wouldn’t be surprised if in some cases they added up to be more than course tuition itself! However no matter how fancy their price tags are, students everywhere still have to fork over the money in exchange for the study materials—how else would they study and learn topics such as quantum mechanics at university? Those who are less cost conscious may simply purchase them at retail prices at the campus bookstore, but for the majority of students—we don’t like paying hundreds of hard earned dollars for a book which we’ll only end up reading and using for a few months.

Of course there’s always the option of buying them used, either on sites such as Craigslist or in textbook exchange groups of college. It works, the system can save you a lot of money but at the end of the course you’re still stuck with it. If you want to get a portion of what you paid for it back, you’ll have to go through the dreary process of listing it online, screening possible low-ballers; not to mention you’d have to take the time to meet with the potential buyer in between your busy schedule at school. That is, assuming that a new version of the textbook that you’re trying to sell hasn’t been released after you’ve finished with it.

If you’re a university student (or was one in the past), then you’re probably familiar with how textbook publishers tend to come out with what seems to be, new versions of their books every year. Has the content really been changed that much to warrant a new publication? Probably not. Most times, a paragraph or two have simply been added to a new chapter along with a few new images. Is the new version more expensive and mandatory for that one college course necessary for your degree? Probably yes.

The good news is that there are many options available nowadays when it comes to getting your hands on textbooks, including rentals which we’ll be focusing on in this article. In particular, we will be delving into talk more about Valore Books—one of the major textbook rental companies currently out there on the web.

An Overview on ValoreBooks 

valorebooks2Originally founded as “Simple Tuition”, Valore Books has come a long way since it was first a student loan oriented website back in 2005. As Simple Tuition, the company offered comparisons between a number of different federal and private lenders, enabling students to choose and select the loans which fit their needs.

It wasn’t until 2012 that the company changed their name to “Valore” after acquiring the textbook retailer, Boundless—a creator of free and low-cost textbooks online. Since then, Valore Books has acted as a partner of the original site, offering textbook rental at low prices for students in the United States.

As Valore Books, the company presents students with the greatest prices on their texts by cross-comparing millions of products with thousands of providers, sellers and buyers. Unlike other competitors out there, they’re also able to keep overhead costs low due to the fact that they don’t house the textbooks themselves…which equates to cheaper books and greater savings for you!

Valore Books’ top priority is to make sure that their customers are satisfied with the value of their products- this means that you’ll always be getting the best prices from them for the textooks!

How to Rent a Textbook from ValoreBooks

You might be inclined to think that textbook rental is a hassle, but it really isn’t. Let’s go over the steps. To find the book that you’re looking for, simply enter its title, ISBN or author into the search bar after clicking into “Rent Textbooks” from the main page. After doing so, you’ll be presented with a list of relevant search results; the one you’re after should be on the top of the list given that you’ve entered in the information correctly.

Click the title of the book, and you’ll be brought to a page with more details including its rental and purchasing fees (notice how the rental prices are much lower). Now with Valore Books, you are given the freedom of being able to choose your rental period- simply select the length from the dropdown menu (eg. semester or quarter). Upon doing so, you should notice an update in the due date shown towards the right of the menu. Now that you’ve selected how long you want the book for, the next step is to simply press the purple “Rent Now” button.

After placing it into your shopping cart, you can either check out or go back to add more textbooks (why not save on the shipping?). Looking at the price breakdown, you can see that Valore Books charges a very minimal shipping fee of $3.95, pretty reasonable considering the amounts of savings you’re getting from renting the book itself! Payment wise, you have the options of paying by Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover. Just remember to double check you’ve inputted the correct shipping address! You wouldn’t want your books arriving at your neighbor’s house, right?

To return the textbook after you’re done with it, login to your Valore Books account and head on to the returns page by clicking “Return Rental” on the top right of the page under the main search bar. Afterwards, choose the book that you’d like to send back and click the return option- if you don’t see such a link, then a return label probably isn’t ready yet as your order was placed within the last 45 days, you’ll want to check back after 45 days.

Upon clicking return, you should be presented with a prepaid shipping label (yes, returning the book is FREE). Now all you have to do is print it, stick it on the outside of the box in which you’ll place your book in, place the provided packaging slip inside said box and drop it off at your local shipping carrier! You don’t have to pay anything to send it back! If you’ve rented multiple textbooks however, you will need to ship the items off individually as they may have to be returned to different addresses. If you ever want to go over Valore Book’s returning instructions, you can do so by visiting their “How Do I Return My Rental?” page.

Sometimes we end up wanting to keep the things that we rent, and with Valore Books- you can! If you want to purchase your rental, you can do so easily by clicking on the “Purchase Rental” button anytime during the rental period in your account. Similarly, if you’d like to extend the rental period, you can also do so by clicking the respective “Extend Rental” button after choosing the length of the extention.

ValoreBooks’ Competitive Pricing

valorebooks4Textbooks are expensive. But by renting them from Valore Books, you can save up to 90% on them for school. With their marketplace model, the company compares millions of product prices from thousands of rental providers- this ensures that you’ll always ben given the BEST prices. On average, Valore Books can save college students up to a stunning $500 a year; that’s $500 more than what you’d have if you were to have buy them at the store!

Dedicated to offering their customers the lowest prices, another amazing thing about Valore Books is their price-match policy. If you ever see the textbook that you need priced lower than what they have on another site or retailer-they will match it for you, no questions asked. What if you noticed the book was available for rental at a lower price after you’ve already paid and received it? No problem! Valore Books will refund you the difference in price within seven days after your rental. In this way, their prices are truly unbeatable!

On top of their already amazing prices, the company also offers occasional promotions that help you to save even further! Such promotions are usually displayed on their main page. For instance, right now Valore Books is holding a giveaway where every purchase or rental gets you an entry for an amazing $1000 cash prize! What’s there to lose?

ValoreBooks’ 30-Day Return Policy

If at any time you’re not satisfied with your textbook rental, you can return it back to the company within 30 days for a hassle-free, full refund. To do so, sign-in to your account on the website and view your recent orders by clicking the “View My Order” button. You should see a list of the books, which you’ve ordered in the past; select the one that you’d like to return and choose the “Return Item for Refund” option. From there, just follow the given instructions- for both the seller and your protection, it is highly recommended for you to return the books with tracking.

Afterwards, simply send the textbook back to its return address. Valore Books will make sure that your funds are returned back to you within 5 business days, after it has been confirmed to arrive back at the seller’s. To make things easier for you, you will also receive an email notification when your refund has been processed. That’s all there is to it! If you ever have any further questions about the process or their return policy, feel free to contact Valore Books’ support team directly.

Their Amazing Customer Service and Support Team

To ensure that their customers are met with 100% satisfaction, Valore Books has a devoted customer service team who is trained to resolve issues and answer your questions- that way you can always rent and shop with confidence! If you want to get your questions answered fast, then you can take advantage of their live support chat.

To do so, just click on the chat window that is tucked nicely away in the lower right hand side of the page; you will be able to talk one-on-one with a member of their support team. The good thing about this option is that they’ll be able to tackle your inquiries and issues as soon as you send them a message! If you don’t see the chat box on your screen, then you may have reached them outside their office hours (9am to 5pm EST); feel free to check back within the time frame and they’ll be happy to assist you!

Alternatively if you’re not in too much of a rush, you can also reach Valore Books by submitting a ticket. Simply fill out a short form including information about your inquiry and they will get back to you within 2 business days (don’t forget to include your email address so they know how to reach you!). You can also attach images to the ticket to help get your message across!

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