Amazon Brings Its Prime Service To China

The Amazon Prime service made its debut in China on Friday and customers will be able to receive their packages in less than ten days. The online retailer currently has millions of Prime members but is looking to gain more in China, where there is strong competition.

The Amazon Prime service brings fast and free shipping to customers in China. The online retailer has competition there but many of the companies offer free shipping for products available in the country. This could help Amazon attract more Prime members as customers in China will be able to shop from the millions of products available in the site. The customers will have access to millions of imports, which will have free shipping on orders of 200 yuan ($30) or more. They also won’t have the free shipping minimum, which is usually $49 for most orders.

In China, the Amazon Prime service will cost 388 yuan ($58) for the one year membership. There is also a promotional price of 188 yuan ($28) for the next four months. The Amazon one year Prime membership in the United States costs $99 and the minimum for free shipping is $49. The price of the Prime membership is lower in China because the service is limited due to some restrictions.

In the US and other countries, the Amazon Prime membership not only offers fast free shipping but also access to TV shows, movies and ebooks. An exact number of how many Amazon Prime members there are as of October has not been revealed but it was reported thee months ago that there were now more Prime members than non Prime members. Recent estimates say the online retailer has 63 million Prime members. In December 2015, it was reported that Amazon had added more than three million members in the third week of the month. Prime memberships are important for Amazon because experts say Prime members usually spend more than those who are not Prime members.

The service won’t be as fast as in other countries but customers looking to buy products from overseas will receive their orders in five to nine days, according to the online retailer. The Amazon Prime service is now available in 12 countries.