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Atman Pretty Plus Dry Herbal Vaporizer Review

The Atman Pretty Plus is a sleek, discreet device that is perfect for those who are looking to get a dry herbal vape in on the go. The Pretty Plus is shaped just like a typical, disposable electronic cigarette, although it has so much more power packed into it than the design might reveal. Unlike its big brother, the Atman Starlight, the Pretty Plus is only compatible with dry herbal product and not a waxy substance. To find out if the Atman Pretty Plus would be perfect for your dry herbal vaping needs, read on more to find out about this simple, inexpensive vaping pen.

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To power on the Atman Pretty Plus vaporizing unit, simply click the unit five times – it will then emit a green glow, but you must hold the device for 2 seconds in order to actually begin heating the chamber to start generating vapor. When the device is heating up, it will glow an orangish-red color until it has reached its sole setting of 400 degrees fahrenheit, when it will then glow green indicating that is ready for use.

2Unfortunately, the device will only heat itself for a minute before it eventually shuts down in order to prevent any damage from the unit – for those looking for a thick vape, this may not suffice to your needs.


When you order a Pretty Plus unit, you will receive the (ever-present) instruction manual, a micro-USB charger intended solely for the Pretty Plus vaporizing unit battery, a cleaning brush, a scooping tool to load up the chamber, and the unit itself. At the very bottom of the unit is the micro-USB charging port, which will work with any micro-USB charger but using the included charger is recommended to keep the battery life lasting as long as it does. The end of the mouthpiece is plastic, unfortunately, which can actually cause a little bit of a disgusting taste if you do not clean it frequently after some uses – a glass mouthpiece would have been far better, but still, the mouthpiece snaps on nicely and completes the Pretty Plus’s nice, even look.

Removing the mouthpiece reveals the chamber, which can hold a surprising amount of product – when filled, simply thread the mouthpiece back on and the unit is ready to be used. To load the chamber, simply remove the mouthpiece and either stuff in the product yourself, or use the included loading tool in order to ensure that the product is not tightly packed or too loosely packed.1

One interesting tidbit to note is that the cap of the Pretty Plus will actually change color as it heats up, which causes it to turn into a creamy color. This is due to the ceramic nature of the mouthpiece; when it has cooled off sufficiently and can be picked up without issue, the tank will return back to its normal black color.


For the price of $54.99 (excluding shipping, which is only available for free on $99 or more orders), the Atman Pretty Plus is a nifty little device. This vaporizer is very discreet and small, which makes it absolutely perfect for anyone who is looking to get into dry herbal vaporizing. The chamber, despite being small, is designed well enough that there is no fear or chance of wasting any product or causing any unwanted combustion – although, I found that the smell of the product being heated was rather apparent and not as sneaky as some other units. This can be attributed to the nature of the design, but if worrying about the smell is the biggest issue, then this vaporizer is a fine product.

The Atman Pretty Plus is a great vaporizer for anyone looking to get into dry herbal vaporizing and is not looking to spend a lot of money; the biggest complaint about the device is that the oven is too small, which can be a problem for more experienced, focused dry herb users that are looking to get nice big clouds of dry herbal vapor. But still, for the price of $54.99, you cannot go wrong with the Atman Pretty Plus and the complete package that it delivers to any novice or expert dry herbal vaporizer user.

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Overall the Atman Pretty Plus is a great option for anyone who wants a high quality product at a bargain price. The build quality is strong and overall the product is competitive with products nearly double the price. You really can't go wrong with this option. Atman Pretty Plus Dry Herbal Vaporizer Review