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Ghostbed Vs Yogabed – Which Mattress is Better?

Major differences here, in terms of design, but both of these companies offer top end products at discount prices. The usual caveat applies to Ghostbed, their big business muscle powering their entry into the direct to consumer market tends to put them at a price advantage, but for once that isn’t the case here. Yogabed have made a name for themselves with their innovative product, while Nature’s Sleep, the company behind the Ghostbed, has made a name for themselves through their longevity as a business. So which is the better purchase? You better read the full review to find out.

Company Vs Company – Ghostbed Vs Yogabed

Ghostbed is owned by Nature’s Sleep, a company known for its longevity. It has existed in some form or another for over a century, and in that time they have donated to many charitable causes. It makes it hard for any of the newbies to compare. They are famous for their “Art of Sleep” contest where they invite everyone to send in their own unique designs for mattresses for a chance to win prizes, both cash and bedding. The charity also supports local artists, something that doesn’t happen enough. In addition to donating returned mattresses they also run the Free GhostBed Military Mission. Every month they donate two mattresses to veterans. As much as I like Yogabed’s in house design work, they aren’t able to keep up on this front. They do donate every returned mattress to charity though, which is a very commendable policy.

Winner – Ghostbed

Yogabed Vs Ghostbed Mattress Build Quality and Materials

ghostdogYogabed got back to me regarding the material used in their topper material! If you read my other articles, the ones about Yogabed at least, I go on about how much I enjoy the texture and features to their cover, but am completely unaware of what its made from. It’s made from Thermocool Fiber, from Invista. I mention Invista because they make a whole ream of cool materials, including Kevlar, and they happen to have a factory near where I lived, in Northern Ireland. Small world, eh? This smart fiber works like a thermos, keeping you warm when you’re cold, and cold when you’re warm. I have no idea how it works, but it sounds more amazing than I originally thought. Add to that the fact that it can be removed very easily, and is machine washable, and you’re onto a winner. Ghostbed’s topper fabric impresses less, way less. The top section is full on polyester, sure it’s easy to clean and very durable, but it isn’t the most porous option, nor is it the most comfortable. The side sections are line with a poly-blend, for added durability. The dual materials is a clever idea, you don’t lie on the side of a bed ergo a less comfortable but more hard wearing material is the better option. It also looks quite pleasant, the shift from off-white to steel grey is kinda nice. The Yogabed’s textured criss-cross design looks just as good though, so no real ground is being made up for that Polyester topper. Have to give this section to Yogabed too.

Winner – Yogabed

yogabedOn to the inside, and I like to see differences here, makes it easier to pick a winner. The Ghostbed is the classic three tiers of foam, with a few twists on the classic formula. The base support layer is a little thicker than I would like, sitting at seven and a half inches, but it does provide ample support, and if you suffer from back pains a medium firm mattress helps immensely. On top of that is two inches of Gel Memory foam. Gel foam is not as plush as classic memory foam, but it is infused with cooling gels, making it retain way less heat, it’s why the polyester topper just about works out, their is less heat to dissipate ergo you don’t need as porous a material. The lack of pliability is balanced by the top foam layer, an aerated Latex foam. This layer does more to dissipate the heat, making the mattress cool and comfortable no matter the ambient temperature. Yogabed is arguably more impressive inside. It has four layers, all designed to work with one another to create a mattress that is both versatile, and perfect for correcting back issues. The base layer is a one inch hyper dense support layer, followed by six and a half inches of regular support foam. These two layers provide the best base support on the market, on top of that is 1.75 inches of YogaGel, their own in-house gel memory foam. It does not retain heat, but is less pliable, they correct that with a very special top layer. Their own Yogafoam is a rapid response Latex foam-alike. Wonderful designs from both companies here, but I have to give it to Yogabed for its superior support.

Winner – Yogabed

Yogabed Vs Ghostbed Overall Review

There is a lot to recommend about both of these products. They both use excellent materials on the inside, and have some nifty mattress tech at great prices. But this section is exclusively about which is the more impressive design, and I have to give that to Yogabed. I love their extra base layer, and their gel foam is slightly better than off the shelf gel foam. Combine that with their rapid response top layer, and they do a better job of mitigating the damage, and comfort loss, when using a gel infused foam layer.

Winner  – Yogabed

Ghostbed Vs Yogabed– Pricing & Returns Policy

Remember when I said this might be a different race when we factor in price? Was I wrong? Perhaps a little. What we see in the table below is not the whole story. Both companies offer free shipping, so there is no saving to be made there, but Yogabed have this wonderful discount policy, giving $100 off for the next year or so. It puts it as exactly one dollar cheaper than the Ghostbed in Queen sized. If you’re after a Twin XL you’re in more luck, but I imagine most aren’t looking for that size.

Twin XL$599$600
Cal King$949$875

On to the warranty, and Ghostbed have an amazing one. Most in the direct to consumer market offer a standard ten year warranty, which covers everything from Sag to unthreaded covers. Ghostbed offer a twenty year warranty. That is amazing, but seen as most mattresses are supposed to last ten years on the outside, I wonder if they are banking on an uneducated consumer? Both Yogabed and Ghostbed offer a full 101 day trial period too, making this an easy decision, so long as you remember your discount.

Winner – Yogabed

Ghostbed Vs Yogabed – Conclusion

If. If. It’s all I can think to say. If Yogabed didn’t offer that discount. If mattresses lasted longer than a decade. If Ghostbed had been fifty bucks cheaper, then and only then, could I imagine recommending you buy this over the Yogabed. As it stands there are too many reasons to pass on the Ghostbed.

Barry W Stanton
Irish born writer who drinks too much caffeine and reads too much Terry Pratchett. I enjoy long walks on the server and Korean cuisine.


  1. I don’t see how you can count the coupn code for Yogabeds but not the coupon code for Ghostbeds??? This is misleading i’ve been doing my researches on the companies online for months, so when you says “if ghostbed had been 50 bucks cheaper” well it is because they have $50 off codes on their facebook


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