Hurricane Matthew Becomes a Category 4 Storm, Now Near Florida

Hurricane Matthew moved across the Bahamas earlier today but has gained more strength over the warm waters. The storm, one of the longest living in recent years, is now close to Florida, where some people have been reportedly left without power.

Hurricane Matthew has affected Colombia, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines but it continues to be a very powerful storm as it reached category four just a few hours ago. According to a tweet from Gulf News, emergency workers said that 283 people lost their lives in Haiti. Authorities had not been able to visit all of the affected areas in Haiti but just a few minutes ago, local officials also confirmed that at least 283 people had lost their lives. Thousands of homes were also destroyed and rescue workers are reportedly trying to reach other areas that were affected.

Category four hurricane Matthew is expected to bring winds of up to 140 mph and heavy rain to Florida. The storm strengthened after moving through the Bahamas and was described as extremely dangerous. Homes and businesses in Florida made preparations before the storm, which is said to be the strongest since 2004.

Hurricane Matthew will bring high winds and rain to eastern Florida, Georgia and South Carolina coast. Two million people were told to evacuate in South Florida, where the storm will bring winds of up to 140 mph and could cause flooding from the rain.

Hurricane Matthew first appeared in September 28 and became a dangerous storm in just a few days. The storm reached category five before reaching Haiti as a category four. It was the first category five Atlantic hurricane since hurricane Felix nine years ago.

The storm started bringing its rain and winds to Florida just a few hours ago and Florida governor, Rick Scott, has said that the storm could have catastrophic impact. He repeatedly asked residents to leave and evacuate.

Georgia and South Carolina are also preparing for the storm, which could continue to move in the next few days. Evacuations were ordered for parts of Georgia’s coast, which could be affected by the storm on Saturday. It is the first time since 1999 that an evacuation is ordered for Georgia’s coast. Just a few minutes ago, it was announced that the Georgia – South Carolina football game had been moved to Sunday. It will begin at 2:30 p.m. ET and will remain in Columbia.