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Novosbed Vs Loom and Leaf – Compared & Reviewed

When I first reviewed the Loom and Leaf I called it the pinnacle of foam-based decadence. It uses some of the most advanced materials on the market , and their complicated build leads to a sleeping experience that is  matched by few others, and fewer still at a decent price point. Novosbed is one those few. They too have crafted a bespoke-esque mattress, at an excellent price. They too use a wide variety of advanced materials, and their build is one of my favorites. So the question then becomes, which of these two is better? Read on for the full breakdown.

Company Vs Company – Novosbed Vs Saatva

I always start these reviews off with a look at the charity work offered by each company. It might not be your highest priority, but I feel it is important to know who you are giving money to. Thankfully the direct to consumer mattress industry is proving to be one of the most generous. It is an industry-wide practice to donate all returned mattresses to charity, usually homeless shelters. In addition both Saatva, the creators of the Loom and Leaf, and Novosbed, the creators of the Novosbed 😉 have a variety of policies in place to help the less fortunate. Saatva have donated mattresses to the victims of Hurricane Sandy a few years back, while Novosbed donated to the victims the Fort McMurray fires. Usually this section has a clear winner, but for a change both companies are chock full of donations.

Winner – Draw

Novosbed Vs Loom and Leaf Mattress Build Quality and Materials

novosbed-product-19BThe material used by the mattress topper tells you a lot about the overall design philosophy. The Loom and Leaf is 100% pure cotton. I love me some cotton, and I always provide a link to get some good cotton sheets at the bottom of every review. The material is probably the most comfortable, and strikes a great balance between durability and breathability. No other material, except possibly hemp, can lay claim to that attribute trinity, the light quilting on the cover is icing on the cake here. Novosbed went a different route, using two poly-blends they have created a mattress topper that surpasses cotton in one way, while very nearly matching it in the other two. On the top of the topper is a more comfortable and porous poly-blend, while the sides of the mattress uses a highly durable poly-blend. They come together to create a topper that is slightly more durable and nearly as comfortable and porous. Overall I have to give this one to Loom and Leaf. While I think Novosbed have done some great things with their choice of material, I think cotton is the better overall choice.

Winner – Loom and Leaf

loom and leafOn to the inside, and the Loom and Lead does not disappoint. Instead of the standard three tiers of foam, Saatva has gone for a more complicated four tier build. At the base is the usual support foam, 5.5″, topped with a transition loft pad, a layer that allows the memory foam to move in concert with the base foam. That memory foam is topped with another layer of foam, this time a gel infused memory foam. Memory foam is terrible for heat retention, and there are many ways to mitigate the build up. Gel infusion is the most high-tech, and as a result my favorite. Overall the Loom and Leaf is an amazing design, and extremely comfortable.

The Novosbed is no less advanced, even if their core design is a little less impressive. It is a three tier build, and it comes in three forms. The Soft, The Firm and The Medium. The makeup of the Firm and the Medium is similar, so let’s start with them. At base for both we have 7″ of support foam, topped with two 2″ layers of hyper dense memory foam. That dense memory foam is aerated, and its density means that cooling isn’t an issue. Heat is retained in memory foam by virtue of its depression, with less depression you get less heat, and by using two blocks of memory foam you maintain the comfort level. The Firm’s top layer is less dense than the Medium, meaning it runs a little hotter, but both are great for anyone who suffers from back pains. The soft is very similar to the Loom and Leaf in terms of tech. At base we have 6″ of support foam, topped with a 3″ layer of hyper dense memory foam and a 2″ layer of gel infused memory foam. All aerated, running cooler and more comfortable. With the additional options, and the comparable build quality I have to give this section to Novosbed.

Winner – Novosbed

Novosbed Vs Loom and Leaf Overall Review

A hard one to call here. The Loom and Leaf has the better topper, while the Novosbed has the better innards, by a scant margin. I think the Novosbed’s lead in the inside section is less than Loom and Leaf’s lead in the cover material section though, so I have to give it to them. The Novosbed is still a terrific product, and I think we will see them gain a little bit of a lead in the pricing section, but in raw build terms, Loom and Leaf is king.

Winner – Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf Vs Novosbed – Pricing & Returns Policy

how deceptive numbers can be. If you look at the provided figures below you would think that the Loom and Leaf is the clear victor. But that is not the case. Those figures do not include either the discount that applies to all Novosbeds, nor the shipping fee inherent to all Saatva products. Saatva are the only real direct to consumer mattress company that still charges for shipping, that being $99. Novosbed have a $100 discount on all mattresses in their range. The adjusted price for the Queen then becomes $1098 for the Loom and Leaf, and $999 for the Novosbed. Novosbed have another incentive though, the Comfort+ system. The Comfort+ system is a half dozen mattress toppers, that fit flush under the Novosbed’s cover, that allow you to dial in the firmness level of your mattress. In terms of mattress per dollar the Novosbed have just about everyone beat.

SizeNovosbedLoom and Leaf
Twin XL$949$799
Cal King$1299$1399


Customer service is of paramount importance to me. A company that looks after its customers is very easy to recommend, and I was very happy to discover that the vast majority of mattress companies treat the customer with respect. Both of these companies offer a fantastic trial period, 120 nights for Novosbed and 75 nights for the Loom and Leaf. In all honesty, you will know whether or not you want to keep your mattress within a month, so the difference here is less important than it looks. What is important is the warranty, and both of these firms offer a 15 year warranty, a full 5 years more than the industry average. You will likely be putting that warranty to good use after a decade or so, as that is the average lifespan of a mattress, so keep the receipt.

Winner – Novosbed

Price Update: Be sure to check below for updates on current discounts, deals, and coupons you can use on the two mattresses!

Loom and Leaf Vs Novosbed – Conclusion

This is less hard to call that I thought it would be. Both companies have excellent track records with charities, Loom and Leaf have the better mattress cover, but not by much, while Novosbed have the better insides, but again not by much. It all came down to price, and in this section Novosbed blew the Loom and Leaf out of the bedroom. The Novosbed is cheaper, and you get more for your money. The Loom and Leaf is still excellent, and if you are on the fence still I would recommend trying out the mattress, after all you have nothing to lose except 120 nights of sleep.

Overall Winner – Novosbed

Current Coupons & Discounts – 2018 Update


Novosbed CouponTo save $100 on the purchase of a Novosbed you need to click here and then use the coupon code Gazette100 when checking out.

Loom and Leaf Coupon:  Saatva doesn’t offer and coupon codes for their mattresses however you can check to see if there are any available discounts by clicking here.


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