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OSO Mattress Review 2018 – Is it Worth It?

Being a nurse means enduring 12 hour shifts spent on my feet and constantly moving, often getting home as the sun rises. By the time the sun hits high noon, I am hopefully deep asleep. This has not always been the case before we received our OSO mattress. The night shift has taught me that sleep is more valuable than I gave it credit for in college, when I would pull all-night study sessions and stay out too late before 8 am classes. After a year of having difficulties sleeping through the day, my husband and I did the traditional ritual of department store mattress testing, which involved plopping ourselves onto mattresses that have been trampled and worn down by countless shoppers.

We had both always thought we loved plush mattresses, but our extensive testing led us to believe that we actually liked the firm option better. We found one in our measly price range ($400 after savings and all that jazz), and had it delivered. After one night of tossing and turning on what felt like plywood, we exchanged it for the softer option. After a year of subpar sleep, we knew we needed to get back on the dusty trail of mattress shopping. However, we weren’t going to make the same mistake twice. We were not going to go the traditional route this time.

In doing my research I stumbled upon the OSO bed.  The aforementioned mattress-shopping debacle helped me understand that I needed one with a great return policy. Thankfully, OSO offers free shipping and free returns with a 101 night trial period, so if you decide it’s not the right fit for you they will reimburse your full payment. Even though most will not need the 101 days to make a decision, the extra time helps when life gets busy.

We ordered a king size mattress and couldn’t wait to try it out. After it was delivered we opened the box and quickly realized it was a queen size. We were pretty bummed at first but after calling the company they were very easy to work with and sent out a king size mattress and didn’t even ask for us to return the queen! Now that is great customer service and our guests appreciate the comfortable mattress now in our guest bedroom.

Oso Mattress – Product Quality & Order Process

The mattress is shipped to your doorstep shrink wrapped in a box about a quarter the size of a mattress. This was very convenient, as no one had to be home for the delivery of a massive king sized mattress.  Due to the way the mattress is compressed in the box, OSO recommends opening the box in the room where the mattress will be. Included is a device that looks like a letter opener, which is used to cut the plastic in order to avoid cutting your brand new mattress with scissors. This sure did make it slick and the mattress was opened and on the bed in no time.


The mattress had no odor and in only a couple of hours it was expanded to its full size and ready for a night of sleep.  It was easy to move around on the bed once it was expanded and has nice handles on the bottom making it easy to turn.


Now let’s talk about the mattress itself.  The top layer is 1.5” of Talalay latex. OSO explains that this goes through a careful washing process so it won’t irritate sensitive skin and is naturally hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant and free of harmful chemical emissions. Next comes 1.5’’ of RevTechTM foam. This layer also claims to be breathable, cool, and promote air flow. There are no coil springs in this mattress, but instead it has DreamCells that are crafted from pillowy latex for high durability and comfort. It is the DreamCells that allow the mattress to have a soft end and a firm end, but more on that later.

The bottom layer is 6” of their RevTech™ support layer, which is free of heavy metals, formaldehydes, VOCs and has no dangerous off-gassing. The mattress is then covered in a gray knit cover that can be zipped off and dry-cleaned. The cover seems nice, but I would still recommend using a high-quality mattress cover such as the SafeRest mattress protector as it’s the highest rated in the industry and protects against just about everything you could imagine (Dust, Mites, Fluids, Urine, Perspiration, Allergens, Bacteria.) Also it’s completely waterproof, noiseless, and breathable. I’ve been so impressed with it and I think it pairs nicely with the OSO mattress. You can find it here by clicking this link to automatically apply the discounted rate at

The OSO bed is unique in the fact that you have an option for firm or soft in the same mattress. How do they do this? The latex foam springs allow the mattress to have a soft feel on one end and a firm on the other. Too soft? Too firm? Just give the mattress a 180 degree turn and find your perfection. As someone who has been dissatisfied with the firmness of a mattress and exchanged it after a couple of months, this option was perfect for me. We tried it out on the soft end for a week or so and thought we found love, but for the purpose of this review we flipped it and gave the firm end and try and I’m sure glad we did! Both my husband and I have a deep love for our mattress now.

The firm end is the perfect amount of support for my husband who sleeps on his back, yet it still contours to my body as I sleep on my side or stomach.  It has now been over a month and there is no way we’re sending this mattress back. We had no adjustment period with the mattress and neither of us have had any back pain like we did with getting used to our previous mattress. I love that with the OSO mattress you are able to try both the firm and the soft mattress options in the comfort of your own home instead of bouncing back and forth between beds in a mattress store trying to decide what would be best for you.


Oso Mattress Pricing & Value

As with most foam mattresses I’ve read about, OSO recommends you use a slatted bed base, pallets, a rigid box spring or place the bed right on the ground.  Now for the price. This mattress is a steal compared to some of the big brand name foam mattresses you can find in mattress stores for upwards of $3,000.  With the OSO bed being shipped compact in a box, they skip the middle man of the mattress store and you see that savings in the price tag.



One thing I was worried about when getting a foam mattress is a rumor I had heard that they didn’t breath easily and made sleepers hot and sweaty while they slept. The OSO mattress claims to be designed to promote optimal temperature regulation with breathability which means a cool sleep. My husband typically sleeps very hot and often ends up sweaty, no matter the season. I can’t say this mattress solved all his problems with this, however I have noticed that he sweats less on this OSO mattress than he did on our traditional pillowtop mattress.

If you are an indecisive shopper like me, you should give the OSO mattress a try. Between their 101 day trial period and soft and firm option in one mattress, you can’t go wrong.

Oso Mattress Coupon Code 2018 & Discount Link

Good news! Oso reached out to us and provided an exclusive coupon code for our readers to save $50 on any mattress they purchase.  To activate the discount you can click this link here and then enter the coupon code GAZETTE when checking out!



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