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TaoTronics Cool & Warm Humidifier Review

Introducing the TaoTronics Cool & Warm Humidifier

Autumn is finally here! With the changing seasons comes comfy sweaters, pumpkin flavored everything, and pleasantly brisk weather! It’s not all good, though. Autumn also brings drier air, which can cause dry skin, dry eyes, infected sinuses, chapped lips, and nose bleeds, among other ailments. If you’re looking to keep avoid this seasonal discomfort, you may want to look into purchasing a humidifier! A humidifier is a gadget that emits water vapor, effectively increasing the humidity of a given area. Some humidifiers are meant for use in a small area, whereas others can be used to treat an entire house. There are a wide variety of different humidifying units out there, and they all kind of do different things. Where does one even begin their search?

I’d like to introduce you to the TaoTronics Cool & Warm Humidifier. TaoTronics isn’t really well known for the humidifiers, but I think that they probably should be. Their Cool & Warm product is one of the most high end humidifiers that they carry, and it promises an effective and decadent experience for anyone looking for one. In this article, I’ll talk about the ins and outs of this particular product, breaking down its price and technical specifications. I’ll also get into whether or not I think this particular humidifier is worth your time and money. (Seeing as many humidifiers sell for less than $50, the price tag on the Cool & Warm Humidifier can be a little hard to swallow.) Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Product Details – TaoTronics Cool & Warm Humidifier


Price: $199.99


  • 6 liter water capacity
  • Separate container for essential oils
  • Low water protection feature disables the machine when water level is too low
  • Weight of 87 ounces
  • Touch-sensitive LED display
  • Built-in air filter, water filter
  • Warm/Cool mist modes
  • 3 different mist intensity output settings

humidifier-featuresJust looking at this list of features, it’s evidently clear that this product is more than just a pretty face. The TaoTronics Cool & Warm Humidifier looks great, but it’s also packing a ton of helpful features. To begin with, the unit’s 6 liter water capacity is pretty huge compared to the capacity of its competitors, and in most cases it should ensure all-night usage. If you’re looking for a more luxurious mist from your humidifier, you can use the product’s separate oil container to ensure efficient and safe oil vaporization. One of the greatest concerns that a lot of people have with humidifiers is the maintenance that they require. If you get lazy, then you might find that your humidifier becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Although you still have to clean this product, the water filter and air filter that is included into its design should make the process a little less strenuous for you.

That’s just the beginning though. Through the humidifiers LED display, you’re able to access a variety of other menu items to fine-tune how your unit functions. Through this display, you’re able to set the device on a timer, put it in sleep mode, adjust humidity level, lock the screen, and so on. You’ll rarely run into an issue where you want this product to do something that it isn’t capable of doing. One of the biggest draws to this particular humidifier is its ability to quickly and easily switch between different mist temperatures. Some people dislike the idea of having to trade off dry skin with sweaty skin, and so having this setting really broadens the appeal and functionality of this TaoTronics product. The humidifier is able to heat its mist up to 101°F within just 30 minutes. All in all, this features list promises a solid, comprehensive, and user-friendly experience. But anyone can come up with a list of features, right? How well does all of this actually work when it’s put into use?

How well does it actually work?

humidifier-unitAlthough TaoTronics isn’t really well-known for its humidifiers, they are well-known for producing quality tech. This humidifier is no exception. One of the most popular aspects of this product is how simple and safe it is to use. Too often, inexpensive humidifiers will either be difficult to configure or dangerous to operate. Take a moment to consider what a humidifier actually does. Basically, you’re heating water until it reaches a temperature high enough to steam (typically above boiling point) and releasing that water into the air. Typically, the interface used to control this process is rudimentary at best. You plug something into a wall or flip a switch, and that’s about all you can do. There’s no customization there. Not to mention, it can be unsafe. Growing up in a “cheap humidifier” household, I wasn’t really allowed to ever touch them, with my parents worrying that I would end up scalding myself.

You don’t have to worry about any of that with the TaoTronics Cool & Warm Humidifier. Although it’s really easy to turn on, you’re still offered a wealth of other features to ensure that everything is working exactly as you want it to. Not to mention, the product is sturdy and well-made, which means that you don’t have to really worry about burning yourself on steam or water unless you’re mishandling it. Another popular aspect of this product is its noise-level. Humidifiers, especially those which contain oil vaporizers and various filters, have a tendency to be kind of noisy. These products are meant to help you go to sleep, not keep you awake with humming and clicking. Again, you don’t have to worry about that common grievance with this one. This TaoTronics humidifier is quiet, efficient, and effective, and I think that that’s all that you could really ask for out of a humidifier.

Is it worth it?

humidifier-with-boxNow, let’s address the elephant in the room. $200 seems like a ridiculous price to pay for a humidifier. A trip to your nearest big box retailer will show you that you can buy most of these things for between $30 and $60. To spend this kind of money on something that most people will only use during cold seasons seems overly self-indulgent, right? To be entirely honest, I don’t think that logic checks out. First of all, although humidifiers aren’t typically used year-round, the comforts that they provide when they are used are worth every penny. Humidifiers help reduce the chances of illness when it’s cold outside, and I don’t think that someone can reasonably put a price on their own well-being.

Speaking specifically to this product, although the TaoTronics Cool & Warm Humidifier is a little bit on the expensive side, I think that you’re definitely getting what you’re paying for. If you look at most budget humidifiers, they’re typically kind of unattractive, they require frequent replacement, they have small tanks, and they don’t offer nearly the same amount of features as this one does. When it comes to aesthetic appeal, build quality, and functionality, I feel confident in saying that this particular humidifier is pretty much the best in its class. If you’re looking for a solid, rich all-around humidifying experience, I implore you to give the TaoTronics Cool & Warm Humidifier a closer look!

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