TV Reporter That Quit To Drive For Lyft Gets Podcast Deal

Anthony Ponce was a popular TV reporter for NBC Chicago a few months ago but he decided to do something different. He left his job to drive for the ride sharing company, Lyft. The idea was to drive for Lyft while interviewing the passengers.

The news were shocking at the time because he was leaving a popular broadcasting television network to work as a driver. Anthony made the decision to leave in July and while the move seemed risky at first, it looks like it’s working. After quitting his job, the former NBC TV reporter released a video explaining why he left to drive for Lyft. The video had lots of views but Anthony Ponce had bigger plans. He not only wanted to drive for Lyft but also interview passengers.

Almost three months after quitting his job, the former NBC TV reporter has a podcast deal. PodcastOne, one of the country’s largest podcast networks, has agreed to distribute his podcast called Backseat Rider.

The Backseat Rider podcast was reportedly signed to a one-year deal by PodcastOne. The topic of the first episode is risk. The passengers who agreed to be part of the podcast were asked about the biggest risks they have taken.

New Episode Coming Next Week

The former NBC TV reporter said he’s been working for the service about three days a week. Ponce became a father seven months ago and he has also been busy looking after his son. He says the deal requires him to complete 52 episodes, so he expects the number of days he is working as a Lyft driver to increase soon. Ponce will need to have a good amount of listeners for his podcast and he hopes they give him comments on the episodes and topics for future episodes. Listeners can comment and give suggestions on his Facebook page.

The first episode was about risk while the second episode, which will be released on Wednesday, October 19, will be about the movies that had an impact on his passengers. The podcast made its debut on Wednesday and will return with a new episode next week.