Saturday, February 4, 2023

Amazon Makes a Change To Stop Fake Reviews

In the last few months, Amazon has been trying to stop the fake reviews from being posted on its products. The online retailer has millions of products and customers usually check the reviews to see what people think about the product. This has been a problem for the online retailer for some time as there are positive comments being sold.

Amazon’s latest step to stop fake reviews is limiting the number of reviews a customer can leave on the products. Only five reviews can be written a week for items that haven’t been bought through the site.

Customers will still be able to review of all the items they purchase through the site. The review limit only applies for the items that haven’t been bought. In June, the online retailer reportedly began suing sellers for buying fake reviews. Amazon took its first legal action last year, suing more than 1,000 people who were selling fake reviews of products. In April, it was also reported that the company had sued several operators of websites that were allegedly selling fake reviews.

Amazon wants its five star rating system to remain accurate as it is one of the things that let customers know the quality and more details about the product. Last month, the online retailer also said that there would not be incentivized reviews. With incentivized reviews, customers were able to post a review for a product in exchange for a free or discounted product. The customers had to disclose that fact on the reviews but the online retailer has now changed that, only allowing it for the books category.

The online retailer has now updated its rules, which can be found on the Customer Service section. In 2015 and 2016, Amazon has taken a number of steps to eliminate fake reviews from appearing and it will probably continue working on making the five star rating system more accurate.

The updated rules say that starting on Sunday, you can submit five non-Amazon verified purchases reviews each week. This rule does not apply to the books category, like the change announced last month.

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