Amazon Could Be Thinking About Live Sports Streaming For Prime Membership

Live sports streaming could be the next addition to Amazon’s Prime membership. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the online retailer has talked to a number of sports leagues to add live sports to the Prime membership. Amazon has reportedly talked to some of the biggest sports leagues in the United States, including the MLS, MLB, NBA and NFL.

Amazon has added a number of services to its Prime membership these last few months but it looks like the online retailer might be planning to attract more members by offering live sports. Amazon’s live sports idea could be offered alongside the Prime membership, which offers free two day shipping and many other benefits.

Amazon is also reportedly interested in adding other sports leagues around the world. It appears that the online retailer might be trying to make a huge expansion to its video streaming service soon but there are a few obstacles with these sports leagues. Some of the biggest leagues in the world already have deals with cable providers or satellite networks. That’s not all, most of the deals are not for months but for years.

The deals and the time will make it very difficult for the online retailer to add the most popular sports league in the world but it is interesting to see that the company might have big plans for its video streaming service.

The online retailer has already surprised Prime members with a number of new benefits to the membership, which costs $99 a year. Last month, the company added free comics, ebooks and magazines to its Prime service. Two months ago, it also got into the photo printing business by adding a new service called Amazon Prints. The service allows customers to print photos, with prices starting at 9 cents.

Live sports isn’t the only thing that the company might be thinking about adding in the future. A few days ago, new job listings showed that the online retailer might be planning to add a new housekeeping service. According to the report, Amazon would offer housekeeping as part of the Amazon Prime membership.

Recent estimates say there are millions of Amazon Prime members but live sports streaming and housekeeping could help the company attract even more in the future.