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Best Blu Ray Deals on Cyber Monday – Top Discounts

Aside from streaming videos live, watching a movie on a dvd player is the most popular way of viewing movies. With Blu Ray Players, this viewing experience is amplified to have the best experience possible. Couple this player with a nice HD TV, you’ll have a home theater like experience. Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to get a Blu Ray Player for a huge discount, but waiting until Cyber Monday may be your best bet for finding the best deals on all things electronic related. I have complied some of the best leaked deals and sales for this up and coming Cyber Monday in the hopes that you can find the best deal on a brand new Blu Ray player.

Best Cyber Monday Deals from Amazon:


Amazon is the best place to get electronics this Cyber Monday. There are significant discounts on Blu Ray players this Cyber Monday, with deals as much as 70 percent off of brand new 2016 models. Amazon also sells a bunch of discounted Blu Ray discs for you to purchase alongside your brand new player. If you have never experienced a Blu Ray player before, than this Cyber Monday is definitely the opportunity for you to pick one up and experience it. If you find that it is not for you, then you can always return it. Amazon has the best customer service experience and guarantees everything that they sell, so if there is some sort of malfunction with your player, you can easily contact support and exchange it or get a full refund.

  • The first deal coming from Amazon is a Sony Blu Ray player. This particular Blu Ray player is a 2016 model, so it was just released this year. Normally, this player is retailing for $120, but Amazon has discounted it 70 percent to an all time low price of $50. This is the lowest price that this particular player has ever been, so this is definitely one of the best deals that you can get on a brand new player from this year. If you are looking for an amazing Blu Ray player that supports 1080p images and makes for the best viewing experience, this is definitely the player for you, you will not find a better deal on a brand new 2016 player.
  • Some of the features of this particular player are as follows: 1 HDMI input, 1 USB input, 1 Ethernet input. This player also features smart technology which means you can download apps onto it and stream Netflix live from your player. This player supports full 1080p HD playback. Combine this with an HDMI cable and a nice TV, you will have the moving going experience right in your living room. This player also filters the sound to experience true sound the way that it was meant to be heard. One cool thing about this particular model is that you can play Ps3 games directly from the player without needing a game console. This is because this model was made by Sony who also produces the PlayStation, so you can enjoy all of the classic PlayStation games without the expense of a console.


  • The next deal coming in from Amazon is on the Phillips 4k Ultra HD Blu Ray player. This player is not for everyone, this one is for people who want a full on movie theater experience straight in their living room. This particular player normally retails for around $413, but Amazon is discounting this 44 percent to $229. This player is not for casual viewing, this is for someone who has an in home system who wants to elevate their experience and have the capabilities of streaming in 4k and 3D movies.
  • Some of the features of this player are as follows: High Dynamic Range for impressive detail on shadows and highlights in the movies themselves. This player will also play 3D Blu Ray movies as well as 3D regular DVDs. This player will upscale any movie that you put into it into 4k Resolution which means it will look as real as it can possible look. This player features a built in sound system that filters the sound through your speakers and gives you crystal clear high fidelity sound. This player also features HDMI 2.0 which means this player will hold up with anything that comes out in the market for years to come. This also has a built in router that will make streaming a piece of cake. This player is without the best thing that you can purchase in this price range if you want something to simulate an IMAX theater right in your home. No matter what, this player will definitely hold up against all other players for years to come, so if you make this purchase now, you can guarantee that it won’t be out dated in a year or two.


Best Cyber Monday Deals from Best Buy:

Best Buy is another great choice if you are looking for a Blu Ray player this holiday season. I personally do not think you will get better deals than you do this Cyber Monday. You can wait until Christmas, but Best Buy has some really awesome deals this Cyber Monday on lower end models and on a few brand new models.


  • The first model that Best Buy is having a sale on is the Samsung Blu Ray streaming machine. This model was made with the intention of providing customers with a cheap way to stream their favorite shows from Netflix and Hulu in the best possible quality at this price range. This particular model usually retails for $100, but Best Buy has these on sale for only $49. This particular model is one of the best machines that you can get from Best Buy in this price range. It is absolutely perfect for any casual movie viewer who wants to watch movies in a better quality than a regular DVD player can provide, and also stream their favorite movies and television shows.
  • This model features smart technology which means it has built in internet access. You can use the players internet capabilities to download apps which you can use on the player. The player features Netflix and Youtube as apps that are already built into the system, but you can choose from hundreds of others to enhance your experience with the player. This feature also has DVD upscaling which means that any regular DVD that you insert into it, the machine will actually increase the quality of it on its own. This player has built in WiFi so you can stream content without needing an Ethernet cable. It also features a USB port so you can view your family photos or home movies on the player by inserting a USB stick. This is definitely the best player if you are looking for a casual viewing experience that is definitely better than a regular DVD player.


  • The next deal coming in from Best Buy this Cyber Monday is on the Samsung 4k Upscaling Blu Ray player. This player normally retails at $150, but Best Buy is selling it this Cyber Monday for only $85. This is a huge discount and I recommend this player over any other player if you have a loose budget and want the best viewing experience for under $100. This player has free shipping thanks to Best Buy and is guaranteed to come before December 15 if you order on Cyber Monday.
  • This player features streaming in 4k and digital upscaling to make your old DVDs look like brand new and remastered. This player also has 3D capabilities meaning if you also have a 3D television, you can watch 3D movies with movie theater quality. You can connect this player to the internet to stream all of your favorite movies and TV shows, but the real selling point on this player is the audio decoders. This means the player will act as if you have external speakers even if you are only playing through the television’s audio. You will certainly notice the difference in sound quality with this little feature. The difference between this 4k Blu Ray player and the more expensive one from Amazon is that player allows for a higher refresh rate and will make movies more vibrant and clear in general. Most people will not notice a difference unless you have tried both, so if you are on a budget and want to spend under $100 for the best possible deal, then you cannot go wrong with this player, it will definitely serve you for years to come and give you the best possible experience.

If you have not made the jump from a standard DVD player to a Blu Ray player, then this Cyber Monday is definitely the time of the year to make the switch. You will notice so much of a difference you won’t ever want to leave your TV screen. Movies will be much clearer and be so much better quality that it’ll be like you’re at the movie theater!

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