Best Computer Storage & Hard Drive Deals – Cyber Monday

Black Friday has been and gone, but the savings are only beginning. This is set to be the biggest shopping week of the season, with many stores extending their Cyber Monday sales right the way through the week. Cyber Monday is a little over 10 years old now, and it is growing more and more elaborate, to the point were this holiday for the idle may one day supplant the store front rush that is Black Friday.

Today I have been hunting for deals on storage, and no I don’t mean boxes to put all the crap you don’t want in, I mean computer storage, both internal and external. I love the stuff, I have two solid state drives and three hard drives in my computer, and have nearly filled the hard drives. So I always make a point of picking up something new this time of year anyway. Below I have a nice blend of deals, the best of the best, from a variety of firms. So whether you are looking for internal or external, hard drive or solid state, I’ve got you covered.

dSo, a quick note on the difference. Internal drives are mounted inside your computer, and connected via Sata cable to your motherboard. External drives are usually connected via USB, 3.0 if you’re looking for the fastest. Hard drives are a little different from Solid State drives.

They both store data, but solid states tend to be faster at it, and smaller in terms of form factor. They are more expensive, and get exponentially so the larger the capacity. When it comes to running an OS or games they are blisteringly quick, so getting even a small one in a cheap build is well worth the 10 second boot time. I use hard drives fro media storage mostly these days, or for games with less heavy texture requirements. Both do both well though, so up to you.

Best Computer Storage Deals Cyber Monday 2016

Funnily enough the best deals were to be found in stores that specialize in computer hardware. If you are in the market for a few new add ons to the old computer, or are in need of some new gear in general, Amazon and Newegg are two of the better options this Cyber Monday.

Amazon Hard Drive Deals 

Amazon has a ton of deals for computer hard drives and storage.  Honestly it would be a waste to list them all out in this article so if you want to see the full list of hard drive deals you can click here. We will also list some individual deals that caught our attention when going through both Amazon’s sales and a bunch of other stores.

WD Blue 1TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive – If you want a great hard drive at an even better price this is probably the best Non-SSD hard drive available during black friday. Usually listed at $110 for the 1 TB version you can get this on black friday for more than 50% off at Seagate Game Drive for Xbox 2TB Green This one is more of a novelty for me, seen as I don’t own an Xbox, but I thought I would include it, as it is a bit different. A 2TB HDD for your Xbox. With more and more console games going the way of their PC counterparts, i.e. they have to be installed, it is no surprise that more and more folk are going out and buying external storage for their boxes. Also comes in a 4TB version, for $149.99 2.5″ 320GB/320G Portable External Hard Drive – Another novelty item, this is an external HDD at the 2.5″ size category. The thing is very petite, and can fit pretty much everywhere. The capacity isn’t much to write home about, but the form factor and the price make it attractive nonetheless.

Newegg WD Blue 1TB Internal HDD $49.99 A classic this, a simple internal drive that stores 1TB of date. It connects via Sata III, and spins at an impressive 7200RPM. Great as a back up item, and cheap too.

Newegg WD 4TB Black My Passport Ultra External HDD $129.99 – This is an external drive, connected via USB 3.0 for the fastest of transfer speed. Very large capacity here, especially for the price, and it is tiny. Excellent for when you need to bring the guts of your computer with you.

Walmart Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD $57.40 Walmart’s answer to the cheap 1TB from Newegg, and while it is a little more expensive, it is also more likely to be there at the end of the day. Always good to have a back up options, in case your preferred sells out.

Newegg SanDisk Extreme 500 480GB External SSD $129.99 –  I have mentioned that SSDs are a little faster than HDDs, and it is more than evident here. This big solid state external drive connected to USB 3.0 can rip a disk in no time flat. $129 is amazing value in this capacity, but it won’t be on offer for long.


Newegg SanDisk SSD PLUS 2.5″ 240GB Internal SSD $59.99 Another internal drive here, and this time and SSD. I mentioned that they are great for boot, if you have the operating system installed on them, and this option is more than a little big bigger than required for just that purpose. Your OS will take up around 30GB, if you run Windows 7, so there is more than 200GB to play around with here. that rice point makes it very attractive too. 

Walmart Kingston Digital 120GB SSD $48.99 If you can’t get the Sandisk at Newegg, this is a nice alternative. A bit smaller, and thus a little cheaper too. If you are on a budget, and trying to get the most bang for your buck, then this might even be a good go to option.

Newegg WD Black 5TB Performance Internal HDD $189.99 If you are building anew or looking for an upgrade this is one of the best HDDs on the market. The price is on point, and the capacity is astounding. transfer speeds are nice and high, almost to the point where an SSD is unnecessary, but I would still use one in tandem.

B&H Photo Video PNY Technologies 960GB Internal SSD $219.99The cream of the crop, rises to the top. This is one of the fastest SSDs on the market, and the price reflects that. The build quality on the PNY SSDs is very high, a robust internal drive.  If you are building a monster of a computer, and want the best of the best then you want a couple of these. The price is down for only a short while though, so best head over the B&H and snap up this item.

B&H Photo Video Transcend 32GB SSD $31.85 Another novelty, and a final one. If you cannot afford a high capacity SSD, but still want to take advantage of the boot times then this is the least you can go for, and still fit the OS on there. It is dirt cheap, but it runs well.

Western Digital Elements 1TB Portable $49.99 Another portable to round out the list, this 1TB option is nice and cheap, and easy to carry. There is nothing outstanding about the build, but it will get the job done.

ssdThere we are, a nice cross section of products in the computer storage field. These to my mind represent the best the market has to offer at the moment, but remember the price of storage is like the price of Ram, the per GB cost gets cheaper and cheaper every year. A high capacity drive bought today will seem laughably small in 4 years time, perhaps even sooner.

Be sure to check the complete list of deals each firm has on offer, no only in the storage space. Happy sales.