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Best Gun Deals for Cyber Monday

Are you the kind of person who hunted their own Thanksgiving turkey? Or perhaps you or your family are new to hunting and home defense? If so, Cyber Monday may be one of the best times to purchase firearms. Check out how these deals can start your holiday season with a bang. All deals will be listed by the website name and sale title, then the product itself.

Best Rifle Deals for Cyber Monday

• Whittaker Guns Cyber Sale: Kel-Tec KSG 12GA for $669.99. If you happen to be in the market for a home defense shotgun, or something very unique for the range, the KSG may be just the ticket. This shotgun features a bullpup, dual tube design with a short pump action, with a picatinny rail for adding optics. While it’s not recommended to shell out too much money for a scope, a simple red dot sight would pair well with this shotgun. Those who pick up this shotgun will notice that the selector just behind the tubes can allow for selecting which to use for the next loaded round, allowing the user to load in 7 of one type of ammo (say, buckshot) and 7 of another (like slugs) to be prepared for most situations.
• Brownells Black Rifle Event: Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 M4 5.56 rifle, $499.99. If you happen to be in the market for a budget AR platform this holiday season, the Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 may be a great option. Offered in a 16” barrel with a 1-8 twist and an A-2 flash suppressor, this is a good starter AR. As with any gun of this type, customization options are immense, allowing for optics, furniture and more to be swapped out to create exactly what you want over time. While not in a caliber popular for hunting (except for varmint), this rifle can be superb for defense or range purposes.
• Blue Ridge Firearms: Mk47 Mutant from CMMG, Inc. 7.62x39mm, with Magpul furniture, $1523.73. For decades, there have been debates about which is better: The AR-15/M-16 Platform or the AK-47. CMMG, Inc. Appears to have solved the debate with the answer “Why can’t you have both?” With the Mark 47 Mutant, you can have the raw power of the AK-47, with the customizability and ergonomics of the AR-15.

Best Handgun Deals for Cyber Monday

• Whittaker Guns Cyber Sale: S&W SD9 VE 9mm for $259.99. At over $100 off its original price, this already budget minded pistol is now even more affordable. In this case though, the fact this is a budget firearm does not make it in any way bad. Having carried the .40 variant in the past and also spent a few afternoons last year at the range with the 9mm as advertised, I can say it’s about as good as any Glock or S&W to date. The firearm feels good in the hand, takes a grand total of 30 seconds for most to fully disassemble, and is large enough to allow for even novice shooters to have some manner of consistency in accuracy, while small enough to conceal carry under a light jacket. One improvement I would recommend if you do pick up this pistol is to shop around for a better trigger, as the pull is a little awkward. Overall though, this is a great gun at an amazing price.
• Impact Guns Sale: HK P30 (V1), .40SW for $548.88. Somewhat reminiscent of the Steyr M9 pistol, this HK P30 is a great carry pistol at a decent discount. The P30 holds 13 rounds of 9mm with one in the chamber, and allows for great recoil mitigation alongside a rather high hold, leaving very little rise possible with a firm grip. The notch sight is also a great addition, allowing for easy target acquisition with minimal chance of snagging when concealed.
• Cabela’s Cyber Monday Sale: Walther P22 Semiautomatic pistols for $329.99. Cabela’s is currently offering up to $70 off one of Walther’s most popular .22, which can in turn be enough to buy quite a few 550 round boxes for plinking. With a sporty look and clear sights, this is a great entry level pistol and allows for quite a bit of customization through after market accessories.

Best Gun Accessory Deals for Cyber Monday

  • is offering a wide selection of gun accessories for their cyber Monday sale. Of particular interest to readers may be the Fullsite back sights for the Kel-Tec KSG, or the Wingman extended magazine for the Walther P22, adding another 5 rounds to the standard capacity.
  • is offering 12% off and free shipping to all orders for the black Friday and cyber Monday period. This includes an absolutely staggering array of optics and other accessories for AR-15s, Mosin Nagants, Glocks and everything in between.
  •  Whittaker Guns is currently offering the Vortex Crossfire II Scope for $119.99. This is a great hunting scope for individuals who are both on a budget, and keeping their shots within the 400 meter limitation, which many individuals will find to be more than enough distance.

This concludes our list of the top Cyber Monday Gun deals for 2016. Have you found excellent deals on optics or firearms? If so, please feel free to leave such suggestions in the comments.

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