Best Headphone Deals for Cyber Monday 2018 – Sales and Coupons

Headphones are something that most people use almost everyday, and they come in so many different shapes and varieties. This Cyber Monday,  headphones are one of the hottest items on the shelves, that many places are struggling to keep up with the high demand for. Well, with Cyber Monday approaching, you can avoid the madness and rush at the stores, and kick back and order your headphones online without having to worry about whether or not it will be in stock when you get there. You won’t have to deal with all of the swarms of people running from isle to isle, you won’t even have to leave your room! Just a few mouse clicks and you can order whichever headphones your heart desires without having to break a sweat, go out into the cold, or even see a person!

This Cyber Monday, headphones are going to be a hot commodity, so I have made up a list of some of the best deals for discounted headphones for this Cyber Monday. This list will be some of the most discounted and best value deals you can find online for this up and coming Cyber Monday sale, and whether you want over the top headphones, or earbuds that go into your ear, you will be covered!


Amazon Cyber Monday Headphone Deals:

Amazon is surprisingly the best place to get headphones for this Cyber Monday sale. They are super convenient as you can just place your order, and it will almost always arrive within a few days of your ordering. Amazon has historically had the best deals for Headphones in the past, whether it was Cyber Monday or not, so it is no surprise that amazon has stepped up their game and made headphones super competitive this Cyber Monday.


  • The first deal coming in from Amazon for headphones this Cyber Monday are the Sennheiser HD 598s. These headphones are normally marked at $250, but are priced at $99 for this Cyber Monday sale. That is over 60% off! These headphones have amazing quality and are definitely the best headphones you can get for under $100. These are perfect for any audiophile or gamer as they have super high definition quality and make for the best listening experience possible.
  • Some of the features of these headphones are: premium padded leader headband and covered earbuds which makes them super comfortable for long listening sessions, 3.5mm straight plug which makes them compatible with any phone or computer, two cable options, a longer 3 meter cable and a shorter 1.2m cable, 2 year warranty when purchased from Amazon. From personal experience, these headphones are absolutely amazing and are definitely worth it for this price. Most people would pay the $250 original price tag to have these, so for them to be discounted 60 percent, that is a truly amazing deal. You will not be disappointed if you decide to pick up these headphones, as they have superior quality to anything you can find at this price.
  • The next deal coming in from Amazon is on Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones. These are earbuds and not conventional over the top headphones, so this is definitely the choice for you if you are looking for extremely high quality earbuds. The Bose Quiet Comfort normally come in at a price of $250, but for Cyber Monday, Amazon is knocking them back 20 percent off for a price of $199. These Bose headphones are almost brand new, so for them to be discounted to anything less than MSRP, is quite amazing. These headphones are made for both Android and Apple devices, so they will work with whatever phone you have!
  • Some of the features of these headphones are: Noise cancelling, compatible with both Android and Apple devices, aware mode – which gets rid of the noise cancelling capabilities to allow you to hear what is going on around you. These headphones also have volume control at the touch of a button which will allow you to adjust what you hear and how loud you hear it instantly. These also come with different tips that will allow you to find which ones fit you best and will allow you to wear for the longest period of time without hurting. The last major selling point about these headphones is that they have a built in equalizer, which will automatically adjust how your listening experience is captured through the headphones. This means you will always be hearing the best possible sound quality no matter what!


Bose Cyber Monday Headphone Deals:

The next store on this list is Bose. As most people know, Bose has established themselves as a manufacturer of great quality headphones. The reason that they take the second spot on this list is they are having some amazing deals on some amazing headphones for this Cyber Monday sale.


  • The first headphones on this list are the Sound True headphones. These headphones normally retail for $180, but for Cyber Monday, they are being discounted to $99.95. This is an amazing deal on an even more amazing pair of headphones. Now, these aren’t quite for gamers, but if you are an audiophile who wants to listen to music in the best possible setting, these might be the pair of headphones for you.
  • Some of the features of these headphones are: Lasting comfort, Bose has claimed that you can wear these for hours on end without even noticing you have headphones on due to the soft padded headband that evenly distributes its weight across it. These headphones also come with a case that allows you to store them safely for travel without having to worry about damaging the cord or the headphones themselves. They are also compatible with both Apple and Android products, so there is no need to worry about whether or not they will work with your device. These headphones are a steal for this price and if you have even been considering a pair of Bose, these are the ones to go with.
  • The next pair of headphones on this list Bose Sound Sport headphones. These are earbuds like the ones above, but these are specifically designed for athletes or people who are doing some type of sport or running activity. These headphones are normally priced at $100, but they are being marked 50 percent off for Cyber Monday. That means you can snag these amazing headphones for only $50 if you order before Cyber Monday ends. The Bose Sound Sport are definitely some of the best earphones available to those who are active, as they are perfectly designed to fit into your ear and no matter how much you move your head, they stay in.
  • Some of the features of these headphones are: Full clear and balanced sound, sweat resistant, stay securely in place, control your music and calls with the in line microphone and volume controls, a lightweight carrying case to easily carry them around when you are not using them, a warranty card that ensures your purchase will be protected after you open them, and an overall amazing listening experience while working out on or the go.

These are only a small fraction of some of the better headphone deals available this Cyber Monday, but in my opinion, these are definitely the best deals in terms of what you get for what you pay. If you are in the market for a solid pair of headphones, whether it be for at home recreational use, or while working out or doing some sort of physical activity, this list has got you covered. Don’t be a fool this Cyber Monday, if you are checking out headphones, these are without a doubt the only place to get them from.