Best iPhone Deals During Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a glorious day because it allows you to beat all of the madness that comes with Black Friday. You get to sit back and relax and enjoy online shopping at its finest. A lot of the time, you can get amazing deals, even better than Black Friday deals, by waiting until Cyber Monday.

This year, the iPhone 7 had just recently came out, so there have been a lot of deals pertaining to iPhones in general. This list is going to be some of the best deals that I had found when searching far and wide for Cyber Monday iPhone deals. If you are looking for a phone either for yourself or as a present, now might be the best time to do so while the deals are still going on, don’t miss out and get that brand new iPhone now!

Amazon iPhone Cyber Monday Deals:

Amazon is the the first place on the list because it has some of the best deals on unlocked phones. With Best Buy, the phones that you buy are committed to whichever carrier you purchase them with, so if you have Verizon, you cannot buy the iPhone if it is only on sale for Sprint. With Amazon, you can purchase unlocked phones which means they are basically blank slates and can be used with any carrier. The best deals on Amazon for the unlocked phones are the older phones, so if you are looking for something brand new, I definitely recommend checking out Best Buy, but if you are fine with a phone that is outdated by a year or two, then Amazon has the best deals for you.


  • The first deal coming in from Amazon is the iPhone 5s. They are selling the 16 gigabyte version of this phone for only $215. This is pretty much a steal because you can use it with whatever network you want. So if you are already in a contract with Verizon or Sprint, you can just take this phone there and they will replace your current phone with this one.
  • This phone features a 4 inch screen, gorilla glass which means that is it fairly resistant to drops, an 8 megapixel camera that has auto focus, quad core graphics and a 1.3 GHZ processor. Amazon is also selling this phone with a 90 day sellers warranty, so if anything were to go wrong in the first 90 days, you are completely backed up by Amazon that they will replace it or refund you the money that you spend. This also features free shipping. This phone also works internationally, so if you happen to be in a country that has high prices for these phones, you can purchase this one and it will work wherever.


  • The next deal coming in from Amazon is on the iPhone 5C. This iteration is different from the previous one because this one is offered in many different colors, hence the ‘C’. This phone normally sells for upwards of $250, but Amazon is selling a certified refurbished version of the phone for only $189. This is quite a steal considering it comes with free shipping and it is the 16 gigabyte version of the phone. You can choose from either white, blue, green, pink, or yellow as the color for your phone. Each version of the phone is the same, the only thing that differs is the actual color of the case. You can also add a SIM card to your purchase for an additional 5 dollars. This will get your phone up and running as soon as it is delivered to your door.
  • This deal is great because it is an unlocked phone, meaning you can use it with any carrier that you have in your area. There are some restrictions as to which carrier you can use it with, but almost all of the main ones are available to use with this phone. This phone is currently in stock, but Amazon has already had to restock this particular phone twice during the Black Friday sale. This phone will come with headphones and a charger as if it were a brand new phone. Since it is a certified refurbished phone, the phone does come with a 90 day warranty on the phone that means if anything were to go wrong with the phone itself they will either replace it or offer you a full refund. Amazon has amazing customer service, so if anything were to go wrong with this phone, know for certain that they will make it right. There are also a lot of deals on this phone’s accessories, so if you are picking one up during this Cyber Monday sale, be sure to check out all of the different deals on the car chargers and carrying cases!

Best Buy iPhone Cyber Monday Deals:

cyber-monday-iphone-1 cyber-monday-iphone-2

Best Buy is another great option coming in on our Cyber Monday sale event for the iPhone as they have a huge surplus of them and are selling off a lot of brand new iPhone 7s. Not only are they having great sales on the brand new iPhone 7, they are significantly reducing the price of many of the older iPhones as well as their refurbished ones. This should definitely be the first place you look if you are on the hunt for a new phone this holiday season.

  • The first deal coming in from Best Buy is the Apple iPhone 7 32 Gigabyte. Best Buy is having a huge sale on these new guys. They are financing them off allowing you to only pay $27 a month for 24 months. This is a pretty big deal considering the retail price for one of these guys is $700, something that a lot of us will not want to pay up front for a phone. If you have a contract expiring, Best Buy is also offering the iPhone 7 for only $99 if you sign up for a 2 year contract.
  • This is an absolutely great deal if you are in the market for a new phone. To make the deal even sweeter, Best Buy is offering a $100 Best Buy gift card when you make a purchase. They are also offering free shipping on any purchase. In case you aren’t familiar, the iPhone 7 is the newest iteration of the phone series and it features a 12 mega pixel camera which is capable of shooting 4k video. This is better than a lot of cameras you can buy for a significantly higher cost. The iPhone 7 features a 4.7 inch HD display and the newest processor which means it will do everything you want it to do faster. The biggest selling point for a lot of people on this new phone is the fact that it has the longest lasting battery on any phone to date, and is both splash and water resistant. Best Buy is even offering a $10 external battery if you purchase any iPhone with them.


  • The next deal coming in from Best Buy is on an iPhone 6s Plus 32 gigabyte. This deal is another great one if you are looking for a phone during this holiday season. This phone in particular normally goes for $199, but Best Buy is selling them for only $29 with a 2 year contract. For most of us, a two year contract isn’t anything to worry about, but if you want to purchase the phone out right, you should consider checking out the first deal on the iPhone 7. This deal is only really great for people who are looking for a new phone, and also don’t mind committing to a two year agreement.
  • This deal is going fast, so Best Buy is offering free shipping to stores as soon as they become available. They are also offering special deals on Microsoft office with the purchase of this iPhone. The difference between this phone and the 7 is that the 6s is usually smaller, but since this is the plus edition of the phone, this phone measures in at 5.5 inches. This phone has just as great of an HD display, but the processor is slightly slower and the battery life is not quite as long. This phone is neither splash nor water resistant, so that is something that you should look at the 7 for if that is what you are wanting. This phone features a 12 megapixel camera in the back, and a 5 megapixel front facing camera. The camera is capable of recording 30 fps videos at 4k and 1080p 120 fps regular videos.


No matter which phone you end up going with, know that you will get an amazing deal if you decide to purchase it during this Cyber Monday sales period. If you are having a hard time deciding on which phone to go with, it is a safe bet to go with the ones from Best Buy if you want something new and for a longer period, but if you want a non commitment and older phone, the ones from Amazon are an amazing deal.

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