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Best Nintendo 3DS Deals on Cyber Monday

All too soon after Black Friday comes Cyber Monday, the online sister sale to the big BF. So if the deals weren’t low enough for you on the Friday, or you just didn’t want to wade through the sea of bodies that plagues the holiday, then you still have a chance to pick up the hot items of this holiday season. Today a look around the web for the Nintendo 3DS, though I’ll not be limiting myself to just the console, in its various iterations, but the games and bundles and add-ons too.

The Nintendo 3DS was launched in 2010, six years old now, wow, and while it wasn’t quite the monster success of the original DS, it has had strong consistent sales and a fair number of excellent titles to its name over the years. They revamped the design in 2014, taking the naming convention from the Super Mario games, and the souped up New Nintendo 3ds was born. The system is slightly more powerful, and even has an exclusive game or two. It also comes in the XL variant, a larger system for those with either big hands or small eyes. I expect this year to be another great one for Nintendo, with the new Pokemon game driving sales and filling stockings.

I have scoured the web looking for 3DS, and 2DS, and New 3DS, and all the XLs et al, deals for you to look at. Cyber Monday is, contrary to the name of the holiday, more about deals on clothing than electronics, but I managed to find a fair few top notch deals for you to take a look at.

So let’s get to it, break these deals down.

Best Nintendo 3DS Deals Cyber Monday 2016

As I said, slim pickings to some extent on the 3DS front, and the majority of the best deals I found came from the larger stores.

After reviewing all the options it’s close but the best deal for the 3DS Game System & a good portion of the games is at (who would of guessed?) The best thing is the prices are constantly being cut/updated so be sure to check out the current deals list.


Nintendo 3DS Console Cyber Monday

    • Toys R Us Nintendo 3DS XL Game Systems $179.99 – Excellent price for this iteration of the system. There are cheaper alternatives, but we all know that the best deals sell out quick, good to have a back up option just in case. This is not the “New” version, so only the one analogue nub, but the bigger screen makes playing the games a little easier on the eyes.
    • Keten New 3DS XL Case $13.99 – 3DS game packaging leaves a lot to be desired, if only it where the same size as my DVDs, happier all round then. But when you are out and about, and want to game regardless, you are going to need a high quality case. This options from Keten is not only down to a very low price, but is able to hold games, consoles and even a few accessories, if you squeeze them in. Space for all versions of the 3DS, and 8 games. There is also a zipper section that you can fit even more games in, or a battery pack if you wish.

  • Walmart New Nintendo 3DS Black Edition $99.00 – The New 3DS in all its smaller glory. Walmart have some absolutely amazing deals in the 3DS range this Cyber Monday, online only folks, and this sub $100 price point for the most advanced handheld Nintendo console, for now, is fantastic.
  • 3DS Circle Pad Pro Add on $11.96 – If you rock the original 3DS, like myself, then there are a few things you will notice missing. The lack of a second analogue stick is chief among them. There is a make shift one on the New 3DS, but it is minuscule, and unwieldy to say the least. This add on may look unsightly, but it is comfortable and much easier to use. If you want to play Monster Hunter or Metal Gear then this is a must have item.
  • Walmart 3DS XL NES Edition $398.99 – This is the only big ticket item on the list here, and the price is due to the rarity of the console in question. I remember years back hunting for the Gameboy Advance SP Zelda edition, and I spent near as much then on that as you will now on this. If you want a 3DS system that may well appreciate in value as time goes on, then here is your answer.
  • Nintendo 3DS XL $169.99 – For the 3DS XL this is the one to beat. Frys are likely to run out of this deal though, so be quick and snap it up at Midnight. If you miss this there is always the Toys R Us offer.
  • Gamestop New Nintendo 3DS XL $199.99 – The biggest, bestest version of the 3DS console. Gamestop have the lowest price on it, no where else seems to offer anything comparable, though a fair number of firms have yet to release their complete Cyber Monday specials so that may change. The added Ram and OC’d processors come at a disadvantage though, this version of the console has the worst battery life, expect longer car journeys to be a litany of despair when the battery inevitably fails.

Nintendo 3DS Games Cyber Monday

poemon-sun-and-moonOnto the games, and there are so many to choose from. I focused on multiplayer games and nice long RPGs, they offer the best value for money in terms of Dollar to hour ratio. There are many more out there, so be sure to shop around.

  • Toys R Us Pokemon mix and match 2 for $51 – This is my favorite deal of the bunch here. The latest Pokemon game just came out, and while I have not gotten to spend as much time playing a I would like, thanks to all these articles, what I have played is fantastic. Included in this deal is X, Y, Sapphire and Ruby, but we’re not all that interested in those, as good as they were. The new Sun and Moon is in the deal, so snap the pair of them up and get to battling. PS, the game holds your hand for the first few hours a little too much but gets super hard after that.
  • Mario Kart 7 $16.75 – A little older, but no less fantastic, Mario Kart 7 is one of the best in the franchise. I cut my teeth on Mario Kart DS years back, and I feel that the format established in that game, which carries over to 7, is the best it has ever been.
  • Target Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon $15 – The first Luigi’s Mansion was one of the only games I had for the Gamecube, and I loved it. This 3DS sequel was a long time coming, and while it is less magical an experience, it is still a great one.
  • Best Buy Bravely Second: End Layer $20 – The era of the JRPG was a long time ago, replaced with their western counterparts. But there are still a fair few decent titles in the genre being released, and I feel like the next Final Fantasy might reinvigorate it. Bravely Default was a gem of a game, and the sequel is rated as highly. if you want something to play for the next five years then this is a great option.
  • Target The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes $19.98 – This list is making me feel old, the multiplayer Zelda of my youth was Four Swords, and set up was a chore. You needed four Gameboy advances and four link cables all connected to one Gamecube. Nowadays all you need is a couple of 3DS’. A great multiplayer game that iterates on the old, while staying fresh throughout.

There we are, a few deals to get you started. Remember that Cyber Monday, much like Black Friday, is in many ways an ad hoc experience. For the best deals and offers you will likely have to hunt the whole day, going from web page to web page. Have a great one everybody.

Barry W Stanton
Irish born writer who drinks too much caffeine and reads too much Terry Pratchett. I enjoy long walks on the server and Korean cuisine.


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