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Best Ways To Make Extra Money Over The Holiday Season

While the holidays can be seen as fun because you are spending time away from work and with family, it also can be hard on millions of people. The holidays can stress a lot of people out due to the fact you have to spend money on all your regular expenses plus adding in new expenses for things like presents or traveling. Even though you may be taking a long break from work during the holiday season there are a lot of different ways you can earn some extra money over the holiday season.

So let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can make that extra money over the holiday season! 

Walk or Babysit Dogs

If you love animals, specifically dogs, you can surprisingly make a good bit of money over the holiday season by becoming a dog walker or sitter. The easiest way to do this is by using a company like Rover. Rover makes it easy to get started with pet sitting and walking in your area.  The app is available all over the
country so it doesn’t matter if you’re down south in Austin, Texas or live on a beach in Miami, Florida,
chances are they have people using their website in your area.

The way Rover works is you to sign up, fill out your profile, and become a sitter or dog walker in your area. Once approved you can set your own prices and dog owners in your area are able to find/contact you. Then all the hard stuff like collecting payments is handled by Rover! It’s really as easy as that! The best part is you’re really hitting two birds with one stone here, making some extra money while getting to help someone out who needs someone to give their pet the attention they deserve! 


Uber is quickly becoming a trendy way for people of all ages to make money, but especially the younger college crowd. In terms of holidays, Uber can be the best way to make extra money because you will be providing a service a variety of people need for literally every reason imaginable. You can become an Uber driver to get out of town people to their destinations, such as to local fixtures in the community that they are not sure how to get to.

You also will be making a lot of money on the drunken crowd during the holidays, since drinking is often a huge part of the holiday party festivities. Regardless of the reason for taking an Uber, you can bet your schedule will be filled up if you become a driver during the holidays. The best part is that you can make your own schedule and hours and only drive when you want to.

Babysit Kids

We talked about babysitting and walking animals, but babysitting children is also a good way to make cash this holiday season. There are a ton of couples out there who would love to get away for a few hours and go to that holiday party or have a dinner date. It is during the holidays when parents likely need a break from
the kids, especially around Christmas and New Years. You can go about this by asking friends and family online if they want to hire you as a babysitter or you can go online.

There are reputable websites out there that let you sign up as a babysitter in your area and then you can be contacted by people who feel you meet their requirements. A couple examples of this include and If you do not plan on making this a full-time gig, simply using word-of-mouth to friends and family is the best way, even posting on Facebook letting them know you are available is good.

Various Yard Work Activities

The holidays are also a busy time of year for yard work, whether it be putting up decorations or trying to get all of the leaves out of the yard. If you want some extra money this holiday season then you should post signs and make it known around your neighborhood you are available for various yard work activities.

A lot of people just do not have the time to rake their leaves and throw them into a trash bag or use them for compost. You can just go door to door in your area asking people if they are interested in having yard work done for them, and you can set the pay depending on what type of work needs done. Elderly people also will need a lot of help when it comes to raking leaves, mowing the yard one last time or even shoveling snow if we are talking near Christmas. You can post an ad on your social media accounts as well for your local area and post so family and friends will see it too. You can even go onto under the “Gigs” section and make up an ad for labor services if you don’t mind doing work for people that contact you through the website.

Errand Running

You also could become an errand runner for people in your neighborhood or for your friends and family. You can pick up dry cleaning items; pick up special items for Christmas if you have a large vehicle to accommodate this, and grocery shop for people who simply are just too busy. This is also where Facebook and word-of-mouth come in handy, because you can simply let it be known you are willing to do tasks for people in exchange for a few bucks. You can charge $10 per hour or you can charge based on the mileage or intensity of the errands. Running errands for people you know is definitely a good way to make extra cash this holiday season if you are reliable and dependable.

These are just some of the best ways that you can earn some extra money over this holiday season. The possibilities are really limitless if you just think about whom you know and what things these people would need help doing. The best part about all of these ideas is that you can generally set your own hours and pay. You will also have a sense of pride in helping other people during this stressful time of the year.



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