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Black Friday Deals at US Cellular – Complete List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m not talking about Christmas, no, Black Friday is nearly upon us, and once again we must venture out in search of the best deals. Well, you don’t, I’ll do all the deal sorting, all you have to do is pay for the item, pretty handy, right? Today I’ll be taking a look at the best deals coming out of US Cellular this Black Friday.

US Cellular is primarily a wireless carrier, and they supply more than 5 million people in 23 States. The company is currently the fifth largest in the US, and over the years have made a name for themselves as one of the most customer friendly carriers out there, though in this business that doesn’t sound hard, am I right? Regardless, not only do they offer call services, they also sell the products, and this Black Friday we can expect some excellent deals from them, not only with phones, but also rebates, tablets and a number of less conventional goodies.

I have already taken a look through all they have to offer this season, and was greatly impressed with the range, but more impressed with their strategy regarding a certain exploding cell phone manufacturers products. Read on to find out more.

Best US Cellular 2016 Black Friday Deals

Parrot Airborne Night Drone $90.99 – An excellent starter drone this. Easy to fly, and with bright LEDs you would be hard pressed to find a better drone in this price range. There are a few issues with the core design, the LEDs don’t point downwards and the camera is a little low res, but overall this is a great product.

EKids Despicable Me Minion Speaker $32.00 – This one is really not for me, but I know how popular this mascot has become over the last while. If you must own everything minions, then you won’t be disappointed with it at the very least. the audio quality could be better, but at this price it is fine.

EKids Frozen Cool Tunes Headphones $24.00 – Another tie in product, this time for the hit Disney flick Frozen. The headphones are well put together, and the audio quality on them is above average. Think of it as a stocking filler, for the child who must have Frozen everything.

Nest Learning Thermostat $199.99 – This is a great item. The price is on point and the function is amazing. This is a smart thermostat, just use it as normal for a week and it will learn your behavior, adapting it and making it as energy efficient as possible. It has reviewed well too. Certainly worth a look.

Ring Video Doorbell $159.99 – This is another one of those internet of things devices. A camera and video system that links to your phone. Someone rings the bell and you answer it like a cal via the net. Pretty cool, so no matter where you are you can answer the door.

Buy 2 Samsung Galaxy S Series Smartphones get a Free Samsung 58″ HDTV – See what i mean? At their core there is no issue with most Samsung phones. I think they are a great alternative to iPhones, but it is clear that they needed to do something after their last Note exploded and so here we are. This is a great deal, and it applies no only to the latest S series phones, but the entire line that is available at US Cellular. If you have been looking for an upgrade for yourself and the spouse, then now is a great time.

Buy A Samsung Galaxy S7 get $500 US Cellular Promotional Cards – More of the same. It looks like it isn’t just Samsung is trying to mitigate the damage done by the amazing exploding Note, but the companies that sell the phones are getting in on it now. As far as incentives go this is probably my favorite of this holiday season. US Cellular have all manner of great products for sale, and a $500 gift card for their store is a great reason to buy up all the accoutrements you might want for you handset. A base price of $619.99 isn’t bad for an S7 too.

US Cellular Black Friday FAQ’s

When does US Cellular open for Black Friday?

US Cellular opens at 10am.

2016 US Cellular Black Friday Hours:

US Cellular opens at 10am on friday and closes at 7pm in most areas.

Can you shop online or is it in-store only?

US cellular does have an online store front, and a lot of the deals will be available online. Stores may have deals of their own though, so it is always worth checking them out. The site is a little dated to look at, but it is more than up to the task of selling you a phone.

What is US Cellular’s Return Policy?

A little confused by this one. Reviewing the US Cellular returns policy is certainly an experience. They offer only 15 days to return your items. In the case of manufacturer’s defects this time scale is extended, but for how long I do not know. You must have proof of purchase in addition to the item being in its original packaging. Overall it could be better, but at least it is spelled out simply and right in front of you.


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