Black Friday Deals at Younkers & Full Ad Scan

There is a chill in the air again, and that can mean only one ting. Savings! And possibly a cold, but I’m more interested in the savings. Black Friday is nearly upon us once again, and with it more deals than you can shake a tight wad of cash at. I have been spending my days looking through all the best deals, and compiling lists, and it is time to share them with you. Today a look at Younkers, and oh boy do we have a lot to get through.

Younkers is an old firm, well known in the mid west. It started life as a dry goods shop way back in 1856, and since then has grown into a well rounded retail store, selling everything from clothes and shoes to games and toys to Home appliances. They currently operate in over 50 locations, mainly in malls in and around the Iowa region. Unfortunately their Des Moines store, which operate for more than 100 years, closed in 2005 and burned down not long after. that piece of history might be lost, but we are here to talk about the future. And in the future the deals look good.

This was a beast of an ad leak, and getting my hands on it was no easy feat. Nearly 100 pages of savings here, and all manner of coupons and after the fact discounts too. It was so hard to cull the list down to the best deals, but I have made an attempt at the very least. If you click the image at the bottom of the page you can read through the 92 page document yourself, I am sure you will find something to interest you.

Best Younkers Store 2016 Black Friday Deals

Much like my look at QVC, I will again not be sorting these into categories, there are literally 90 pages of deals to scour. So and When I find a good deal they will be added to the list. I will include the usual PDF at the bottom of the page, in addition to a copy of the images in compressed format, for those who want a closer look.

Below Zero Puffer Jackets $49.97 – Tis the season after all. I love a  parka, and the colors on offer here for these warm looking items are easy to match.

Short Wool Coats Anne Klein $79.97 – A rich blue double breasted jacket, always in style, and goes with everything. Nice and warm too.

Living Quarters Quick Dry Bath Towels $2.97 – I have spent an awful lot of money on towels over the years, I own at least fifty of the things, and there are only two of us in the house. Excellent value here.

Chef’s Quarters Open Stock Cookware $9.97 – I’m the cook in my house, and there are few things I love more than a fresh skillet. Cast iron and teflon coated, a lot of great items in this section.

65% all luggage: Samsonite, American Tourister, Ricardo, Delsey Paris, London Fog – All great value, and in more colors than you can imagine.

Travel Pillow set with matching luggage ties $9.97 – Less interested in the luggage ties, but if you have been on a bus or in a plane for a few hours your neck is going to be screaming out for the sweet relief of either death or a travel pillow. A must have.

Pfallzgraff 80pc Flatware set $39.97 – Oh my god this is amazing. not least due to my inability to pronounce the name of the brand, but mostly because this is so inexpensive, and fully packed with all my cutlery needs.

Gallery 50pc Dinnerware Set $49.97 – Cups, mugs, plates, bowls, salt and pepper shakers. if your dinnerware is looking a little worse for, then this is the product for you.

Relativity Cubic Zirconia Boxed Jewellery $25 – It’s not about the expense, it’s about the look, and these items are bound to complete a few outfits of yours. Silver is way better looking than gold anyway.

Natural Elements Boxed Bracelets $30 – I like kitschy stuff, wood bead bracelets, and these are lovely. Well priced for the set.

All Exertek merchandise is on offer, micro fleece tops, long sleeve tees, leggings, vests, the works. Well worth looking at if you want a flat color undershirt, or a color matching pair of leggings.

Smithsonian Remote control dinosaurs $7.97 – These are all so cool. You can get a triceratops, or an allosaurus and even a raptor skeleton. Movement is limited, but it is a fun, mildly educational toy for a smaller child.

Discovery Kids Toy Construction Fort $14.97 – Remember camping out in the back yard? Great times, and this set makes it easy for your kids to have those same fond memories, but now with added video games and movies. Can’t see the stars for the lights anyway.

40% entire stock of Silver Jeans Co. jeans. So versatile, and hard wearing. I own a fair few pairs myself. All the classic colors are here and accounted for. Blue, slightly different blue, black… torn.

Clinique Best of Set $49.50 – Amazing value for money. the set includes all manner of make up and skin care products, total value $182. It makes me wonder why it cost that much normally, but I can put that out of my mind to nail a bargain.

So there you have it, a cross section of the items you can get an Younkers this year. There are so many other deals to choose from, and for the full list you’ll have to go in store or online. I mean, there are only so many pictures in an ad, can’t show all seven or eight of the color variations on each item, nor can you smell the fragrances. The retail shopping experience has a lot to offer us, and Younkers has more than most.

Click here for the .rar file containing all of the images from the ad leak.

Click the image below for the pdf format.

Younkers Black Friday FAQ’s

When does Younkers open for Black Friday?

Younkers opens with the mall, so expect that to be 10am in the vast majority of locations.

2016 Younkers Black Friday Hours:

10am until 9pm

Can you shop online or is it in-store only?

Younkers has a robust and well designed online site. Not all of the deals will be available online, but a lot of them will. In addition there will be regional variations in the deals. Better to make it to store if you want the full experience.

What is Younkers Return Policy?

Younkers insists that all returned items must be in their original packaging, not defaced intentionally and not without its UPC bar code. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a refusal of the refund. You will also need some kind of proof of purchase as well.

Actually sending the item is easy, like most companies Younkers has a nice printable label that you can use to post the item to them, or you can go in store and request a refund there. Pretty good overall.